Help my dream, help me valet..

Help my dream, help me valet..

Looking to raise funds to start a mobil car valet service,cars have always been my love, detailing and making them look as new is my passion

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


I am currently looking to crowdfund to achieve my dreams, my passion and my great enjoyments of life. I work 6 days a week in a production line to keep a roof over my families head. I am now looking to cut my hours to do what i always wanted, in my spare time i love to fix cars and detail them to showroom quality, i have around 15 friends who pay me to valet there cars once a month and of recent have had alot of people asking however i dont have the equipment to do such high volumes within my limited time. 

If i recieved my target this will go towards getting myself a van and all the equipment to go mobil, and become an established business. 

I am hoping i get a breakthrough in life and take the risk and prove to myself i can become successful and respected in my areas for the high quality work i can provide. I want to make my friends family and most importantly my 5 year old daughter proud.

I am 25 with a very high work rate and alot of passion for success, if i do get the money i need, i will supply everyone with a free mini valet kit once everything is up and running with all my recommended products.

I will also keep everyone updated on my success online through social media and a weekly email update.

Thanks for your time