Help me start a new life

Help me start a new life

I'm fleeing domestic violence and want to raise money to retrieve my belongings and to help other women in the same situation.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

On the 26th September 2016 life as I knew it changed and not for the better. Without going into too many gruesome details I was the victim of domestic violence and the decision was made for mine and my unborn baby's safety to move into a women's refuge. No I'm not saying  where obviously.

In doing this not only have I left my friends behind but I have also given up both my flat and a job that I really enjoyed. The worst thing I had to give up though was all my belongings and the few things of my daughter's that I still had such as her memory box. I left with 2 changes of clothing and nothing else.

So what am I crowdfunding for? Well my belongings have managed to make their way to my mums house but I have no way of retrieving them. As I'm still waiting for my money to start up (most of which will obviously have to go on rent, food and getting stuff for the new baby) I'm trying to raise £250 in order to pay for a man with a van to collect my things from my mums and drive them to the rough area I'm based and to then pay for a taxi to transfer them to me at the refuge because I can't give out this address.

The reason I'm giving a rough estimate of £250 is because I know a man with a van won't be cheap, not with the distance this poor person will have to travel. And as such I feel they should earn more than just their petrol money. Then I estimate a taxi will be around the £10 mark once I account for all my baggage.

Anything over my estimate that is raised will be donated to Women's Aid, in order to help more women fleeing domestic violence.