Help Me Smile Again

Help Me Smile Again

I am raising funds for a full set of Teeth Implants as i am in Constant Pain due too my extremely painful gums.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi My name is Karen.

I have never asked anyone for anything and doing this now does not make me feel comfortable but this is a chance to be pain free.

I was married years ago to a very abusive man, I managed to escape after six years of torment and hell, I was abused physically and mentally on a regular basis. My nose was broken that many times that it collapsed in several places as you may be able to see from the photograph, but this does not cause me any pain so i do not worry about it. But the thing that does cause me pain are my Gums, jaw and severe headaches from my ex making me clean my teeth with the cleaning agent Vim which contains bleach. If i refused to do this he would punch me in the face and stomach so there fore i used to do as he said. This has left me with crumbling teeth of which there are few left, so i have to wear dentures which are so painful because of my gums. My dentist said that the only thing that would help would be a set of screw in teeth as they would not agrivate my gums. I could never afford this myself so to anyone who helps me thank you from the bottom of my heart