Help me see my furry children again

Help me see my furry children again

Please, help me see my furry children again, I can't keep going without them anymore.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Would you like to win a £50 voucher to spend at GreenBay (vegan store) and help a fellow vegan get her furry friends back home at the same time?
HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Send £5 to this crowdfunder (or by paypal and write your full name on the details of the payment as a reference.


I'll tell you my story: I'm Argentinean, I moved to Spain in 2007, same year I adopted my cat Felix (she is 9 year now). In 2009 I adopted Funky, my dog (he turn 7 years on 15th November), and I've moved a few times since then, always with them by my side. My dog even went to Argentina with me on holidays.

In 2013 I had to go back to Argentina for some family issues, and I obviously took my furry friends with me. The thing is, I had to go back to Spain after six months or I'd lose my nationality (I had to sign some papers), but I couldn't take my furry babies with me, since I was staying at a friend's house and he couldn't have them and I honestly didn't have many other options (for economic reasons).

I had to leave my dog with my mum and my cat stayed with a friend, and I swore to go back and take them with me, but things didn't go as expected: there were no jobs in Spain and money was never enough...

I moved to London two years ago, looking for a job to be able to bring them. I haven't seen them for three years and a half now, without being able to cuddle them, or taking our long walks with my jumpy ginger dog, or sleeping with my short-legged chubby cat. Three long years without hairy clothes, without warm naps, without laughing as I watched them run around the house. Three years without their unconditional love.

I haven't stopped trying nonetheless, and now after saving and searching, I've finally found a house in Isleworth with a lovely garden, is a pet allowed house, just for me my boyfriend and my furry friends, which is difficult in London. I also have the money to fly to Argentina, which is quite expensive, and I only need the money to bring them with me from Buenos Aires to Madrid and then the transport that brings them from Madrid to London (£400 from Buenos Aires to Madrid and £500 to London).
At the present I have a stabilished job as a Nanny and another as a Lifeguard, and my boyfriend also have a job as a chef in Fed By Water. So we are ready to bring our furry childrens here.

Some people can think that I am moving to much, but the point is that I just looked for a better place to live with them, with a properly space for my dog and my cat, and now I have it. Also I would like to let you know that both of them are in a excellent health and they are able to make the trip.

Everyone who has furry friends and love them as much as I do will understand the reason for this crowdfunding, because my furry friends are my children, and as time passes it gets harder to be without them.

That's why I'm asking for your help to be able to have my friends by my side again.

I don't need a lot, but if everyone could donate £1 it would be a great help.

In exchange, I promise to record the moment when I see them again and pictures from the trip, from the moment I get to Argentina, to Madrid and when we finally arrive to London.

Please, help me see my furry children again, I can't keep going without them anymore.