Help me see my baby girl

Help me see my baby girl

I am raising funds to help with the huge cost involved to go to court to be able to see my baby girl Aimee.

We did it!

On 28th May 2017 we successfully raised £74 with 4 supporters in 56 days

Sadly I have not seen my baby girl Aimee since November 2016 and before that it was almost 6 months previous.  Her mother will not allow me to see her even though I have parental responsibility and I have been advised to take this matter to court in order for them to make sure that my baby girl is not used as a toy in her mothers life to ensure she sees her family.

I run a non-profit organisation so my income is stupidly low and with having two daughters who live with me full time, when I was advised I may need up to the amount of £5000 to ensure that the courts can enforce contact for me and my daughters to see Aimee, you can hopefully understand just how heartbreaking that was.

I am currently fundraising already where possible to save to go through this process but a few people have suggested that I try this to help.  

I personally feel that this much money would be better spent on my daughters and not on courts but this is sadly how our world works and they once again miss out, but if this means that my baby girl gets us in her life regularly and perminantly I will take that chance.

As with all relationship breakdowns I am sure there are many stories about me being "unfit", "unable" or others.  Sadly this is what seems to happen a lot and I don't deny that I too have done some things I am not proud of in pure desperation to see my beautiful little girl.   But to put many "rumours" to bed, I have been granted full custody of my oldest two children, I have passed multiple parenting assessments  , passed a psychological assessment and run a non-profit business where I help children and adults achieve amazing feats in their lives.  All I have done is react to the constant information about myna baby girl being put in harms way and in danger.  Tell me a parent that truly cares that would not do the same thing if you truly believed your child could be in danger in their life?

Myself, as well as others, have tried to arrange for Aimee to see us.  Her mother is determined to not allow this to happen with no reason as to stopping us.  This and more I have screenshots and proof for when this goes to court, to which I am truly saddened that this even needs to happen.

All I want is for me and my oldest children to see Aimee and have her in our lives.  

If anyone is willing to donate to this I honestly will not have the words to thank you.  I don't wish to do this to raise the funds but I am also mindful that the more time passes the longer Aimee doesn't have us in her life which is unfair on her.

Thank you for  your time reading this and I hope that you may be able to help even if only in a small way.

Thank you from myself, Stacey and Jade.

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