Help me Save our Woodland

Help me Save our Woodland

Doing my bit to save our woodland and fields from being built on and in the process give back to the community

We did it!

On 8th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £30 with 2 supporters in 56 days

Every time I see another patch of woodland, grassland, being built on it breaks my heart. I drive to work and I see less and less green land.

I remember growing up playing in the woods, climbing trees, chasing frogs, hikes with my parents and picnics. I didn't have to drive to get to these places, they were just round the corner, everywhere.

I want to preserve our woodland and stop the constant destruction of these green lands by building. I want to save these woods so that families have somewhere to walk and picnic, children can learn about nature and what it can provide. Peace of mind, adventure!

So here's the plan

I will use platforms such as this, crowdfunding, along with savings and peer to peer loans to buy up as many small and large pieces of land. I will use the money to purchase and maintain the woodlands. In an area which is suitable I plan to use for a small allotment and to keep chickens. I will give this food to food banks and the community, helping families have access to fresh, healthy foods.

I also plan to have a little hut, completely sustainable with solar for energy, where I will paint and sell pictures to raise income to maintain the land and allotment. 

I will endeavour to teach our children about nature and sustainable living, through the schools and community groups. Helping to spread the word and hopefully ensure more and more people living sustainably in the future!

Help me to fulfill this dream and save our planet little bit by little bit!


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