Help Me Save My Best-friend!

by Rose Cornwell in Crowhurst, England, United Kingdom

Help Me Save My Best-friend!


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I am trying to raise £3000 to buy my loan horse. He means the world to me and I cannot bare to part with him!

by Rose Cornwell in Crowhurst, England, United Kingdom

I have had Bilboa on loan for 1 year and 3 months, when I got him, he was a skinny ex event horse with a massive attitude problem, and be honest I wasn't much better. But over the past year we have completely changed each other and moulded one another into the person/horse we are now.

When Billy came I couldn't tie him anywhere without him break loose, he climbed over stable doors, and had to be turned out in a chifney as he just reared and tried to drag me everywhere all the time! I was an angry 'kid' (20yo) who knew how to train horses, and had nearly 15 years riding experience, but Billy taught me how everything I was every taught was wrong!

Today Billy ground ties (as in I can leave him anywhere and he will just stand there), he still rears when he gets upset, but he is a completely different horse! He never really liked being stroked or touched, now he BEGS me to scratch his face or his armpit! I can ride Billy completely tackless and I can trust him 100% to look after me. He has totally changed my outlook on life and on how I train animals.

Billy's owner is now unable to ride, and would rather sell him then to keep him out on loan with me (understandable), so I am really out of options now. I am not the kind of person to ask for hand outs, but time is running out now.

I am a much better person now because of this horse, and to loose him would be like loosing a piece of myself. A wise horseman once said 'We do not teach horses anything, they know how to be horses. They teach us how to be better people' and I couldn't agree more!

If you choose to help us I will be beyond grateful, you don't have to give a large amount, just £1 goes a long way! Please share this with your friends, it would really help us out!

Let's make 'Help Me Save My Best-friend!' happen

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