Help me save for a medical placement abroad

Help me save for a medical placement abroad

Help me brave the competitive world of medicine, with your help I can stand out from the crowd and pursue my dream job as a trauma Doctor.

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For some years I have worked as a carer, taking care of vulnerable adults and children with various conditions. Things happen to us that are out of our control, we go about our business ignorant and negligent to the life we hastily wish away.  We only begin to comprehend just how important life is when it is either compartmented or taken from us. 

This may sound morbid to some, but this is my life. I work with people every day, people who were you and me until one day something was taken away from them, whether it be cognitively or physically, people suffer on a daily basis. People who work in healthcare are there for them when they can no longer be there for themselves. 

I love my job but I want to take my experiences further, I want to help people in a more physical way and do more. To take away someone's suffering and pain especially in their last hours is something that would give me great honour, it's so very difficult watching someone suffer without reason, but who am I?

Give me the chance that could place me above many, to do a medical placement abroad working in various hopitals and volunteering outside of the hospital. This would give me a university award which shows skills and knowledge gained by activity and experience based learning, it would give me the experience the many others have not and potentially make my chances of receiving an offer from a university much more probable.

Emergency medicine is the one thing I want to devote my life to and in a time when the NHS is overwhelmed with horrific injuries, unfortunetly terrorism is not going away any time soon. I want to be able to do what I can in any situation life throws at me or any of you.

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