Help me rejoin my family

by pietro verardo in Maidenhead, England, United Kingdom

Help me rejoin my family
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Help me find funds to rejoin my family in the uk.

by pietro verardo in Maidenhead, England, United Kingdom

My name is Piero, I'm 48 years old and moved to the uk in July 2017. My story starts one year before that date when my wife and I decided to relocate ourselves and our three children in the UK. We had been give a lot of though to our decision and it seem like the best thing to do for our family. So we started planning our move, but we had no idea how to organise this major life changing endeavour. "lucky"a friend of mine introduced me to one of his relatives who had done the inverse move to the US. We decided to trust this individual who claimed he could help us with the relocation for a small fee. So we started selling all of our possessions and saving as much money we could very exited for our new life to come. Our concierge was tasked for finding a flat, furnishing a vehicle for us so that things would have been easier for my family to settle. Long story short, it al turned out to be a well though out scheme, when we arrived to the UK, to be exact . Edinburgh , all of the money we had given to this individual and the individual himself disappeared. We managed to survive for the next couple of weeks from hotel to hotel, until finally we had to take the decision to have my wife and kids move to Italy with my parents while I stayed behind, hoping that I could find work and possibly find a way to bring my family back with me in a short period of time. Almost two years have passed and things have not gotten any easier, I have seen my kids and wife only three times in this period, we have lost everything we had and no matter how hard I seem to work , I can't seem to be able to find the means to reunite with my family. Im hoping to raise the money to finally put an end to this distance and to finally be able to be a family again, I really miss my kids and I have lost so much time with them. please help us.

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