Help me raise Money for Children with cancer uk!

by Stephen Linden-Wyatt in Lincoln, England, United Kingdom

Help me raise Money for Children with cancer uk!
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I have written a Children's Christmas story. I have self-published and aim to raise money for Children with cancer UK.

by Stephen Linden-Wyatt in Lincoln, England, United Kingdom

Santa's secret is an exciting new Children's Christmas book. Written by myself and self-published on Amazon, I am crowdfunding to help with the marketing of the book and to help raise money for Children with cancer UK.

How do I raise money for Children with cancer?

£1 of each sale from both the paperback and ebook will be donated to Children with cancer UK. As the book is seasonal, a bacs transfer will be sent to Children with cancer Uk at the start of January. Obviously, the more sales I can get, the more money I can raise.

Do I earn from the sales?

Yes! I earn a small fee from each sale. This is to cover my costs in producing the book, getting the illustrations done and time spent writing and promoting the book. I earn no more than what is being donated to Children with cancer UK.

How will the money crowdfunded be spent?

It is straight forward. There will be two ways that the money will be split and it will be spnet on marketing the book. 50% will be used on Social media marketing and 50% on Amazon sponsored ads. Social media will be Facebook advertising.

Why only £500?

I don't want to be greedy. The marketing will happen in December and split over the three weeks leading up to Christmas. If more is raised, then that is awesome and anything not spent will be donated to Children with cancer UK.

What is the book about?

This book is a short story that can be read in one night. In fact, it is ideal to be read on Christmas Eve and would fit perfectly in a Christmas Eve box. 

Santa's chief Christmas wrapper elf, Sally the Anne, reveals a never told before secret about Santa's journey on Christmas Eve. As she tells the story, she reveals some interesting facts about Santa such as, how he is known as Christ kind in Germany and more. It is humorous with Santa's bum catching fire while going down a chimney and his farts then smelling of a BBQ.

The secret is then revealed at the end. It links up two main parts of Christmas. Santa and the birth of Jesus. It is not a religious book but Santa travels back in time to pay homage to the birth of Jesus. It is about acknowledging two main characters of Christmas.

Is the book on sale now?

Yes, it can be seen by clicking here. The paper back costs £6.95 and ebook £4.50.

I do hope that you can get behind this fundraiser. You will be helping both myself and Children with cancer UK, a wonderful charity.

Let's make 'Help me raise Money for Children with cancer uk!' happen