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We did it
On 4th November 2017 we successfully raised £115 with 3 supporters in 28 days

Please follow me on my journey by having a gastric bypass and my story starts here. I will endeavour to inform you every step of the way.

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It took a lot of courage to make a crowd funding page up. But everyone suggested it, so I thought why not try it. 

This looks awful a fat person asking for money to get thin with so many other better causes out there, this is so embarrassing for me, but my life is an illness, a cause and hope that you understand that.  So whats in it for you, I hear you ask?  I will be able to tell the story from the start to finish and document every bit.  

I am only 46 and suffering with obesity. Which has affected my whole life now ! I am walking now with a zimmer frame, if out I  have a wheelchair, I cannot go out without anxiety in case I meet someone I know etc Its just awful. I was diagnosed with Bi-Pola 11 years ago and one of the medications made me put 10st on in a year. When I took the tablet 20 mins later I could have eaten a whole person if put in front of me! but seriously I was only a size 14 being 10st 4lb until my Bi-Pola meds. I was given a choice 6 months in to give up that med that made me be my usual self or be thin. Of course no hesitation I said be fat and happy, little did we know that 16stone later I would be put in this situation of obesity!

I have tried every diet since, weight watchers, slimming world, herbal life, Cambridge, slimfast, you name it I tried it. If any of them worked of course I would be doing them and sticking to every rule in their books, only they unfortunately are not shifting my weight. This is not funny now as its ruining my life and my families lives, my husband has to be a nurse to me and my children have to help and have no fun with me. I would love to interact with my family I can't even play a board game now as I can't sit on the floor. I would do anything to change my life, And I am, every specialist I am under are egging me on too. They would love to see me get a gastric bypass and live a normal life without the scare of heart attacks etc.

My family are willing and able to do anything it takes and more to the point so am I.

Please listen to my video it will hopefully give you an opportunity to see me as a real person.

Please only donate what you can even if a £1 it all helps. 

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