Help me pay for university in America

Help me pay for university in America

please help me with my fees for university. I want to study Communication dissorders to further my career and help more people.

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I have been accepted to university. I really need help to raise my air fair to actually attend university and some money to help me get set up when I get there. Honestly even the smallest amount will make a huge difference. 

All about me

I am Natasha Barnes. I am the oldest of 3 children. I am currently 27. I work as a nursery nurse in a day nursery. As part of my role I teach the children makaton ( a form of sign language, to help aid in the development of speech and communication). The children love it.
I have grown up in a lone parent family. We live on a council estate where we are constantly persecuted for our Christian beliefs.

My Mum is amazing. When I was younger she had a part time job, while raising 3 children on her own and even managed to go to university. My youngest brother is autistic, (He has Asperger's syndrome) my other brother, who is still younger than me, mentally and physically abused all of us from the time he turned 10. He has made many things I have done harder than they needed to be or sometimes even impossible. He would ruin work I had done for school and frequently become angry, aggressive and violent. The thought of leaving my Mum alone to deal with all of this on her own was unbearable, so going to university before this point was not an option.

What I want to do

I am hoping to go to university in America. The university I want to attend was founded by my church. I would be surrounded by people who share the same values and beliefs as myself. If I am able to go, it would be an amazing and life changing experience for me. However saying this... Because my course is in the USA and not the UK, neither the English or Welsh governments will offer me any help and support, and I would be forced to take out private student loans. However this is complicated further by the fact that;
1. I cannot take out a UK student loan, because I would be studying abroad.
2. As a British citizen wanting to take out an American student loan, I would need an American guarantor. ( I do not have one)

To apply for this American university, I have to be able to prove that I have enough money to pay for university, (specifically that I have enough money to pay for more than the first year of university out right).

Why I want to do it

The course I want to study whilst at university is "communication disorders". This is a subject close to my heart as both of my brothers struggled with communication during their early years, one brother having years of extensive speech therapy. I also have numerous friends who have Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia (my mum and both brothers are also dyslexic; my mother only discovered that she was, whilst attending university as a mature student). My best friend throughout school was deaf. So I already have experience with many people who struggle with communication and this is why I am passionate and interested in this subject area. I now want to make a difference in other people's lives.

However should I not be accepted onto the university course I wish to attend, I promise that any money received will be used to further my educational knowledge, being used to pay for additional training such as; Makaton signing, baby yoga & massage, or perhaps starting a messy play group.

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