Funding for University!
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I am trying to raise funds for my boyfriend as a surprise to help pay for his education in the UK!

by Courtney Jane Gowland in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

My boyfriend is an American who is struggling to afford his education in the USA.  With no financial support from his parents or no government help, he works 30-40 hours a week to be able to afford his Univesity fees. In America, you have to pay for your own tuition and accomodation. You also HAVE to buy a meal plan which is over a $1000 just for one semester. You have to pay to rent or buy text books. You have to pay many many fees and my partner is really struggling to afford all of the expense. When he is sick, he cannot even afford to go to the doctors because he can only afford to pay for University. Please help me get him over here to the UK. He wants a better and cheaper education. He wants to finish his degree over in the UK and be happy. He only has his mum and a brother, but he is very unhappy as all he does is work until he is stressed. Please help me, help him get over here. He deserves it and I have never met anyone that works as hard as he does. I am trying my best to work many hours to get him over here so he can be happy and have an easier life. Please help us. Any little helps and I just want to make his life better and easier. It is so difficult seeing him go without a break. I really want to surprise him by helping him out and so he does not have to struggle like he does.

Let's make 'Funding for University!' happen