Help me open a photography studio and help charity

Help me open a photography studio and help charity

I want to open a photography studio in Worcestershire and help others at the same time.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


I have been working as a photographer for nearly 10 years barely scrapping a living together. I really need something positive to look forward to so I decided that opening a photography studio could help move my life in a more positive direction and help others at the same time. It's almost impossible to get funding from banks so I'me asking for your help. The funding I'me asking for will just cover the setup and running costs for 1 year. I really want to help others at the same time so I will be offering the studio to local photographers to hire and I will give 50% of any profits from studio hire to charity. My chosen charity is Midland Air Ambulance. I see the helicopters the skies above Worcestershire almost every week and I know how much it costs to keep those helicopters in the air. Hopefully the studio will generate enough revenue keep it open after the first year so I can keep on helping charity. I will start a Facebook page to keep people up to date with how things are going and how much has been raised for charity. I already have some equipment so the target has been calculated to cover the cost of renting and running costs of the studio for 1 year.

I also get requests from local college students looking for work experience as part of there courses so I aim to bring them in to the studio to help them gain some on the job experience.

My plan is to get to find a place to rent and setup a studio by the summer of this year so your help will be appreciated.

Thank you for your generosity.