Help Me Buy Unique Packaging for my Skincare Brand

Help Me Buy Unique Packaging for my Skincare Brand

Raising funds for purchasing eco friendly, handmade packaging for my skincare line

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Potent ingredients from ancient cultures, formulated for results, under the alchemic theme of transforming lead into gold.

These potions are treats aimed to romance your skin through a sensorial experience. They are catalyst for decadent skincare rituals.

To bring you the most luxurious skincare experience we handcraft in small batches, using only the freshest, nutrient-rich ingredients which are sourced and harvested with utmost respect to mother nature. Stored in Miron glass to further preserve the potency of the ingredients.

Transforming your skin through the alchemy of our ingredients

The alchemists conjures these potions using care fully selected ingredients known for their historic reputation to heal, nourish and transform skin. Pure, unrefined and fresh as possible. We source organic ingredients as close to source as we can, which are cruelty free, sustainable and wildcrafted where possible.

We advocate buying from traditional and small producers, some of which collaborate in cooperatives. We celebrate entrepreneurship and enabling other small partners to grow.

Although potent, these treats are free from parabens, propylene or butylene glycols, petroleum, sulphates, PEGs, TEA, DEA, phthalates, GMO, silicones, pesticides, artificial dyes, animal derived products, synthetic fragrances or carcinogens.

The formulations of these highly concentrated potions belong to us. Each ingredient was carefully researched and selected for its efficiency and potency. We sometimes have to use preservatives to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the formulations. In those instances we always choose preservatives that are plant derived and food grade.

These treats are hand blended in micro batches from our private workshop.

Meet the Alchemist

I'm an island girl, tree hugger and a dreamer. I was born on the small island of St Lucia with the love for peaceful pink sunrises, jaw dropping orange sunsets and the sea in my DNA. I crave fresh food made from ingredients harvested moments before. A philosophy I bring to my self care rituals.

I have a passion for recreating and returning to ancient traditions. I celebrate enhancing natural beauty through luxurious skincare.

These potions are treats, they are products of my journey to a more holistic lifestyle and a revival of ancient practices. It is my hope that in the moment of your ritual, these treats will transport you to a time when skincare was whole and natural, not made in massive factories and cold laboratories, not harmful to nature and animals.

These treats are a small portion of my journey ...packaged with love... and shared with you.


The Packaging

My dream is to make the entire experience of purchasing from Skin Alchemist sensorial and special. From placing the order to receving and opening the packages. I have sourced a small, family run printer who produces the most artistic packaging. They also provide fair employment and wage opportunities for their staff which is fundamental to me. However to source packaging from them at a rate thats viable to them and cost effective for me I need to purchase in quantities I cannot yet afford. Therefore I am seeking help toward the cost.