Help me keep my dogs together in a new home

by Hannah&My dogs in Emneth, England, United Kingdom

Help me keep my dogs together in a new home
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Due to bad circumstances I have to move out of my home that I've lived for 9 years-ihave dogs and need to find a rental that allows them to

by Hannah&My dogs in Emneth, England, United Kingdom

To start with I never thought I'd be one of those people that beg for help but tonight I find myself begging. I have been in a relationship for the last 13 years and this year unfortunately it has ended. During this relationship my partner and I made a family but not of the human kind of the 4 legged dog kind...we have 8 altogether to be exact. 6 of them have been born in this home and us and their canine family are all they've known. During recent months my partner has become increasing violent to the point of the police getting involved and him going to court soon. This has not been the first time he's been violent or times have been bad but this is the last straw so they say. I am looking for a home that I can take dogs as don't want to split them up they are my family and I am theirs but due to the house being in my partners name and we are not married my only option is to rent somewhere. I know a lot of people will automatically say rehome the dogs but I won't....they are not property they are family and family stay together, so please for the ones amongst you who don't want to help then please don't but also keep your opinions to yourselves.  For those that do want to help I will answer any questions you have and try to prove my situation the best way possible. Whatever you do thank you for reading this xx 

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