Help me keep my children !!!

by Struggling single mom in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

Help me keep my children !!!


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To hire a solicitor to protect my children from my controlling abusive ex partner

by Struggling single mom in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

Recently I received a court summons out of the blue informing me that my disgusting ex partner, despite being an absent father for 3 years is trying to get parental rights towards all of my 3 small children even though he is not the father of the oldest 2!!! On the grounds that he lived with us for a year so therefore has a bond with them. He has not worked for 4 years so therefore is eligible for legal aid to drag me through the courts. As I work full time for minimal wage I am apparently not eligible for any assistance so therefore cannot appoint a solicitor to represent me in this farce. This is yet another example of his bullying and controlling behaviour after I cut him out of our lives, he knows that this will cause me maximum stress and that I cannot afford representation. I am 39 years old and my health is not the best and this really is the last thing that I need on top of everything else. He knows that I am powerless in this situation and that he has full control over me and my life until this is settled. Please help me to prove him wrong

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