Help me help save orang-utans!

Help me  help save orang-utans!

To help fund my volunteering mission to help save orang-utans!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello! I’m Katie and I am a massive animal lover, with a passion for rehabilitation and conservation. One of my favourite animals is orang-utans and I really want to make a difference for this critically endangered species! So after much thought and research I have decided to volunteer for 8 weeks at Sepilok Orang-utan Rehabilitation Centre in Malaysia, as these guys do an amazing job through a rehabilitation programme which lasts many years and also provide sanctuary to the orang-utans released, which the public can visit to view them roaming free. In order for me to be able to volunteer, I am in desperate need of some funding to help cover costs by the end of July 2017. In return for your donations, I will create a blog in which I will post regularly during my volunteer journey, to show how your donations have allowed me to help!

How I can help them/ my role-

I am currently studying a BSc in Animal Management (Behaviour & Welfare) at the University of Chester. As part of my degree I have covered areas such as: behaviour, welfare, rehabilitation and conservation, this knowledge will prove valuable to the centre in all aspects of husbandry and education. I also have a lot on hands on experience on working with animals from zoo animals to horses, from being trained on Reaseheath Zoo to volunteering as a zookeeper in Australia.

So my role at the centre will involve looking after and rehabilitating the orphaned orang-utans, I will also be involved in helping develop their visitor management programme in relation to spreading the conservation message. In addition, I will help organise school programmes and assist at organised talks to the public.

I have chosen to help orang-utans as they are critically endangered who are in need of saving as their population is currently on the decrease due to habitat loss, hunting and the illegal pet trade. They are incredibly intelligent e.g. one individual was found to imitate fire making skills, and they also share 97% of our DNA. We are in danger of losing this beautiful species forever, but rehabilitating these animals, providing them with a sanctuary, but just as important educating the public will help combat this (which will be an important aspect of my role).

How your donations will be used-

Below are the costs that are involved during volunteering. I am able to provide evidence of these costs if asked.

Flights- £533.92

Accommodation- £530.22

Travel insurance- £105.68

Food- £200