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I am raising money to help me work with local charities, to support them in hir delivery of media and theatre based projects.

by `Dale Edwards in Bolton, England, United Kingdom

I am a human being from a social disadvantaged background, I have a Borderline Personality Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder and Dyslexia.  I am an artist, a filmmaker and theatre maker. Growing up in the inner city of Manchester, I wasn’t exposed to much Theatre, Literature or Art. It wasn’t until my Mid-twenties that I discovered the Rationale of Immanuel Kant, Individualism of John Paul Sartre.  I’ve got a lot through engaging with art.  Building knowledge, developing skills, expressing myself. Art is and has been close to my heart, in many ways, this has influenced me, to want to want to bring the same experiences to other people.

I want to work with local communities to help them bring professional practices to their film and theatre based projects, whilst teaching them the skills they need to become independent. I have worked as an independent maker for the past 7 years. and have experience working as an assistant director on professional film and theatre productions. 

I am hoping to raise enough money to hire a temporary studio space to work in. I am have recently been award a bursery from Screenskills to buy professiona film production equipment. This will allow me to work with the local organisations who are often unable to offerd to pay for these types of services or hire the space to work in, Further to this, film and theatre production can seem far removed and inaccesssible and the goal is to remove this barrier from the underprivileged.

Coming from a filmmaking background, Mediatization and imagery is also of interest to me. I like to think of myself as a cool guy, who likes to have a laugh and read and write and listen to poetry. Art is full of expression, full of emotion and so my work will always contain elements of Expression, emotion, poetry and Playful entertainment.

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