Help me give my boy Gulliver the life he deserves!

by Jude Alexander in Burntisland, Scotland, United Kingdom

Help me give my boy Gulliver the life he deserves!


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Background Information for this AppealGulliver was 5 months old he developed a limp, after months of xrays and still no answers he was refer...

by Jude Alexander in Burntisland, Scotland, United Kingdom

Background Information for this Appeal

Gulliver was 5 months old he developed a limp, after months of xrays and still no answers he was referred to the specialist and finally diagnosed with Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) which is an abnormality in the development of bone from cartilage. As a result, within the hock (ankle) joint, a flap of cartilage can develop causing lameness. The specialist said it could become very bad restricting him at any age, whether it be 1,2 or older the disease would develop causing chronic pain. Gulliver is now 6 and has managed tremendously over the years, exploring mountains and all sorts. He has also had a tough time of it, almost dying from sepsis due to anti-inflammatory drugs, so he isn’t allowed these ever to help with his pain. He was prescribed tramadol as an alternative which seemed to help for a while however no longer seems effective for him.

Current Situation

Recently he has really been struggling and has been limping around, holding the leg off the ground, it is very swollen and he sometimes is crying in pain when just sitting which is breaking my heart.

The only option for Gulliver now is a procedure called Arthrodesis, where the cartilage is removed and the joint is fused together so he would basically not have a joint there anymore. He would no longer suffer and would be able to have a fairly normal life, able to run, play and swim again without being in pain 24/7.


When this was first diagnosed, Gullivers insurance was a max benefit allowance meaning a certain amount per condition. After several x-rays, seeing the specialist and medication this allowance was used up. I moved to a lifetime cover policy with a much higher limit which refreshes yearly however as we all know insurance company’s are never helpful for things we really need them for. I chose this company as they advertised that they would cover pre-existing conditions providing there had been no claims within 24 months so I thought that’s great but after speaking to them today, they said they won’t cover if there has even been any advice or medication within 2 years even if this wasn’t claimed for. As Gulliver has been on medication for a good long while, this will be on his record and therefore they won’t cover the procedure. So my only option would be to take him off medication for 2 years and not be able to have him seen if it got bad just so there was nothing on his record. This just isn’t practical and as he is in so much pain I couldn’t bear to put him through it.


So with that in mind, I am appealing to the hearts of my friends, family and anyone who is an animal lover or who understands how important it is to help our animals, or has ever been in a similar situation and can feel for him. Gulliver is still so young and deserves to have the best life he can after living in so much pain for so long.

For anyone who knows Gulliver he is just the loveliest boy and loves everyone. He is the most kind hearted dog I have ever known and I just want to help him so my question to you is...can you help me give him the life he deserves.

Surgery is approx. £3000, initial consultation £200, other fees include, follow up consultation, follow up xrays and physio which equates over £5000, just depends how much after care is required.  Gulliver will be so grateful for any donations and you will make a life long furry friend. Progress reports will be posted to keep any donators up to date. Any additional donations which do not need used will either be returned to sender or donated to a dog charity of the donators choice.

I hope you can help ????

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