Help me give a helping hand to veterans & homeless

by craig in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

Help me give a helping hand to veterans & homeless


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Get my business up and running after CV19, employ veterans and people that have ambition and drive to help others. Help the less fortunate

by craig in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

Hello and thank you for connecting with my page.

I joined the army in 2007 at the age of 17yrs old and I left in 2014. After serving the army I went on to work in London until 2018. 

Since leaving the Army bubble I realised how we have failed our veteran community, I would be walking past homeless soldiers and homeless people on a daily bases on the way to work always asking for food more than money. On  Saturdays I use to make food parcels and hand them out at lunch time and get chatting to the people who would need these parcels, now here is the difference in when I see fake to genuine most of the people I spoke to asked for work or something that would help them get on their feet, asking me if I need help helping them “which was amazing”! 

I have always been good at cooking learning from my mother and her side of the family, Friends who own or had owned restaurants, I decided I wanted to venture into the food industry. i done it I wrote a business plan and got all my funds as well as help from my family to start it off, I secured the equipment I needed and I got a site to work from, unfortunately the site I worked from wasn’t permanent and since then I haven’t been able to work towards the funds I need to get it going.

My business:

It is a food catering business that specialises in pizzas plus ambitious 100% customer satisfaction street food type meals for all age ranges, allergen stricken and also cultural belief towards food. I am wanting to acquire a catering van or trailer, I want to employ veterans and people who just need that one good opportunity to help them get on there feet. I want my business to strive to help the people who need help, the homeless people, the families that can’t afford food till their next pay check, those children who don’t see food for days, I want to help different communities and do that in a way I have a business and brand backing me. I have opened the business prior for a test night and the food products were a massive hit, I sold more than 80 products in an hour,  I know my business can go to where I see it landing in the future I just need that helping hand to get it going. i have all the equipment I need I just need something to work out of. 

Business operations:

*We will raise for charities

*Each month a percentage of profits will go to charities 

*My business will build care packages for people who need (e.g food, warm clothing, sanitaries ect.) and hand them out weekly.

*We will do a events to raise awareness for people in need.

*We will strive to help anyone who needs or asks for it.

  • I will employ drivers and staff and if the project takes off I will expand and keep employing and distributing.

I know it’s a bad time for this as corona virus and it is the Christmas season anything and I mean anything will help I just want to be able to get a catering van/ trailer and then build and build, I just need to start operating, I have spent all my funding on the equipment I require. 

Even if I can pay you back on a later date, pay monthly on a catering van or anything trust me I’d rather a catering van than the money as I will be able to start straight away. If I had the money or if I knew another way I wouldn’t be doing this.


I mean it when I say anything will help even if it’s advice. 

I will update my story as it goes along and once I am up and running again you can follow the story.

Please help me and also help me to help those less unfortunate.

Thank you for reading my story thank you In advance and I hope you have a wonderful day 

God bless


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