Help me get the Chiro or Osteopathy I need.

by Stevie Daisy Ellen April in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Help me get the Chiro or Osteopathy I need.
We did it
On 17th December 2018 we successfully raised £350 with 3 supporters in 28 days

Hello, this feels odd, I never thought I would be the type to try and raise money for myself, when there are so many other important things happening in the world that need help. I have literally never wanted to put myself in the position that I needed it. 

2 and a half years ago, I got my first bad shock with my back, I was working as a waitress at the time in a restaurant and I needed to lift extremely heavy stone trays every day including the food on top, along with other heavy work too. One very early morning after a shift, this awful pain started in my spine and got worse and worse as the night went on, I couldn't get to sleep at all and it moved down to my bum, legs and feet until i was so paralysed in my bed that I couldn't even get up to pee and had to crawl (with a struggle) because the pain was so bad and my feet were numb. The day after, I got fired from my job, as that morning i had to take sleeping tablets and pain killers and ended up passing out, even though I called into work and said i was sick. For a couple months after that, I got myself into a very bad place that I couldn't work, and couldn't pay rent. Bit of a shiz show really. Gradually, because I had stopped lifting such heavy things i got a lot better and have been working since, slowly and with a lot of breaks here and there. The pain still there but very faint. Now that I have a job i love so much, as a bartender, I have been working double the amount, and I don't want to work less. I enjoy my job and i need the money to lead the life I want to, so I don't need to depend on others.

In the recent 2 months my back pain has hugely affected me, I can hardly get out of bed some days, and have to force myself through the pain of walking to get to work and pretend I'm completely okay and get on with it. so much so that i do have a stool behind the bar that i have to sit on the majority of the time or i get exhausted and faint. It makes me feel really sad that I do have to sit on it most of the time, because I want to be hard working and independent and I don't tell any of my customers because i don't want the pity or to sound like a sob story.

This is a small goal for me, and with a little help from anyone who can, put in anything they can, I can finally get some osteopathy or chiropractic treatment. 

I want to work, I want to be able to go out for more than half an hour without being exhausted having to sit or lay down and straighten my back out (which always hurts as well but rests), I would love to stop cracking and tensing and shouting in pain every single time i stretch one part of my back or look behind me. 

It would help a lot. 

Each session I need is about £34 each time, I'm aiming to have about 10 which is why it's £350.

This money will all, only go to this, and if it takes fewer sessions I will give the remaining to an animal charity or to someone else to help with their illness .

Thank you for reading my story and if you donated. :)

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