Help Me Get Out!

by Cadfael P. in England, United Kingdom

Help Me Get Out!


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I'm a young disabled queer student trapped in an unsafe house. I need your help to move out and keep me in education.

by Cadfael P. in England, United Kingdom

Hello! I'm Cad (he/they, please). I'm a neurodivergent, disabled, queer, young adult student from the UK.

In the UK right now there's a massive anti-trans movement infiltrating our government. Our trans healthcare is either wildly expensive and convoluted, or takes decades to be allowed on the NHS. My only option for accessing the care I need is to go fully private. That's reason one for this crowdfunder.

My second reason is equally bad. I'm an only child, stuck in an unhealthy and manipulative environment. I've had multiple mental health problems from very young, all of which I've been forced to hide. Neither of my parents accept that I'm queer or disabled, and I have no independence - I can't manage my own studies, I'm financially dependent on them, and I live with them in the middle of nowhere. My situation has got even worse thanks to COVID, with my mother taking her stress out on me and both of my parents blowing up at the slightest misstep. I was made to come back to live with them and study remotely, which has tanked my grades and cut me off from the in-person support my uni offers.

Overall I'm in a bad place, and I really need your help. I can't offer anything in return other than knowing you've helped someone who's trying not to let the world crush them. Thank you.

If you'd prefer to use Ko-Fi, I have one here.

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