Help to Rebuild my Recording Studio

by Christopher Ryan in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Help to Rebuild my Recording Studio
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I am looking to raise funds to replace recording studio equipment that was stolen. I also intend on helping my local youth community.

by Christopher Ryan in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to hear my story...

As you may or may not know, music has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember.

After many, many years perusing my dream of becoming a professional producer in the dance music industry, I was finally on the path to making my dream a reality. I had moved to IBIZA, transported all my equipment across to the island, set up a private studio and was working and networking with many influential people in the music industry.

Then, last year, my ultimate nightmare occurred. Burglars had entered the studio and stole every piece of kit I owned including my MacBook, Imac, genelec studio monitors, keyboards and outboard gear (as well as my expensive Kona mountain bike).

I was absolutely heart broken. My whole life and everything that I had ever been working towards was taken from me in one foul swoop. I was so devastated by these events that I ended up having to move back to the UK to try and rebuild my life and gain back what I had lost. 

Since then I have worked very hard to get back the things that I have lost - I work within the dementia care industry and the future development of how it can be relieved, but with the constraints of every day life, I am not even one step closer to regaining what I lost, in fact I am probably in a worse situation than when I first arrived.

i am asking the people of the world to help me rebuild my life and get back some of which was taken from me by heartless thieves. The money raised will replace the things that I lost and put me back on the pathway to fulfilling my true ambition.

Everything I have ever owned I have purchased myself, so in order for me to gain any justification of any donations I receive, I intend to give something back to my local community by offering young people, without the funds or access, the opportunity to practice and record in a professional environment, for free.

I will also credit every signal donator individually in my next studio album , as a way of saying thank you for your gratitude and send you each a copy.

I have no idea if this will gain enough exposure, or their will be enough people who sympathize with my story for this to stand any ground, but without trying I will never know and anything to help get me back on track of fulfilling my dreams has to be worth a shot.

Many thanks for listening




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