Help me get my socially concious start-up live

by Emma Burgess in Bishopsteignton, England, United Kingdom

Help me get my socially concious start-up live
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I want my beard care products to not only uplift and support mens mental health but give back 15% of all profits to Movember.

by Emma Burgess in Bishopsteignton, England, United Kingdom

About me:

I am a single mum, with two great kids age 9 and 7. A key driver for this business being a success is to improve the quality of our lives, whilst being a part of something that not only benefits the end consumer through using the products. But also gives back to the community through generating a consistant revenue stream for Movember.

My career skill set:

I have a career as a business systems project manager, which I do 3.5 days a week. This role and my career experience brings strong buisiness acumen and has enabled me to confidently create my own website. I have taught myself some basic coding and have linked to my social media accounts. I am on a steep learning curve with regards to utilising the likes of pinterest, instagram and facebook to promote my brand and products and turn it into a way of monetising these social media streams.

My personality traits and strengths:

I am very interested in my own self-development, with a life full of learning and experience. I am very socially concious and empathetic to others and their life journeys. As a result I have diplomas in life coaching, NLP and holistic healing.  I have previously run an holistic business as a career / life coach and healer, helping others on their own life journey. We are always learning and striving to be better people and help others through challenging times. 

Knowledge and understanding of my target market:

Through my coaching and healing experience, it became apparent that men in particular are expected by modern society to 'man up' and that sharing struggles is seen as a weakness. Women by nature are more likely to share with each other or seek professional help. Whereas men hold it in and try and solve their problems internally, afraid to appear weak if they were to reach out. It is not surprising that with insular living and lonliness experienced by the majority millenials, depression, anxiety and sucicide are on the increase as a society we are breaking down. Historically men gathered around a campfire, a place where friends could share stories and provide support and advice. My brand is a nod towards this camarderie and through my social media pages I share regular inspirational quotes.  

Healing benefits of plants and the sence of smell:

I have a personal passion and connection with plants and in particular herbs and spices for a whole manner of healing properties. Aromatherapy and making my own natural skin and hair care products have become an extension of this. 

Woodsmoke and Whistles is born:

All my knowledge, skills and passions blend together and have birthed Woodsmoke and Whistles. A brand of beard care products utilising the power of nature and aromatherapy oils. Because these products are applied to the face and near the nose the wearer recieves the full holistic benefit of the scents. Using these products provide the benefit of luxury and of being pampered through the act of personal self love and care. 

We hand blend the finest of natures ingredients to make the most luxurious beard balm. Ingredients include Bees Wax, Mango Butter, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil with just the right amount of aromatherapy oils for that subtle but beneficial fragrance.

Products available so far:

Focus beard balm; invokes alertness and focus, includes frankincense, peppermint and rosemary.

Lift your spirits beard balm and a 'tache wax; to support, nurture and uplift the mind and spirit. Includes lavender, bergamot and ylamg ylang.

In development, kick back and relax beard balm, which include lavender, bergamot and lemongrass. Helps you unwind and relax in an ever busy and demanding life.

Finally we have a nude beard balm which has no fragrance but all the luxurious benefits of the blended raw natural ingredients.

My plans for the raised funds 

Develop my logo so that it is striking, encompasses the brand and stands out amongst competitors.

To find environmentally friendly packaging. 

I would like to add a few extra products to the range including a couple of beard oils and beard soaps and combs, so will need funds for the raw products and containers.

I would like to have some professional photos taken of the products for my sales funnels including website as this increases sales potential.

Add the ability to sale in different currency to my ecommerce site

Have some third party help with setting up google ads and a start-up advertising budget. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

35% off all products

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