Help me get my Masters in Translation Studies

Help me get my Masters in Translation Studies

In order to realise my dreams of working for the United Nations, I need a qualification I can't afford. Please help me raise funds to study!

We did it!

On 9th Sep 2015 we successfully raised £50 with 1 supporter in 13 days

What is this CrowdFunding project about?

In the United Kingdom, university degrees are not cheap. Having been supported by the UK government to finance my Bachelor of Arts Degree, I achieved an Upper Second Class Division One with Honours in the field of European Languages: French, Spanish and Italian. With a bright future, if I can get the funding I need for university, I would like to ultimately work for the United Nations and repay society by helping those in their times of need both at home and abroad through programmes such as the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. My aim with this CrowdFunding project, with your help, is to (partially) fund my postgraduate study in the field of Translation Studies (MA). A £6000+ debt weighing on your mind immediately after graduating, a euphoric moment, simply doesn't bear thinking about.


As of August 26th, 2015 I have been accepted onto the MA in Translation Studies course at Durham University.


Who am I, exactly?

I'm Jonny. I'm 23 years old and an avid language-learner, translator and private tutor. When I was 11, I stepped out into the road and was promptly pulled back my my class-mates as a car shot past me, horn blaring. Having been back several times since, I realise my mistake in stepping onto the Champs Elysées without looking. Since that moment, however, I have been in love with La France.

Having started to learn the language the year before that trip to Paris, I subsequently made it my mission to become bilingual. Nearly thirteen years later, I am proud to say that I speak French to a C2 Level (denoting me as 'bilingual', in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Not only this, however, but I also speak Italian to C1/C2 Level and Spanish to C1. I have also taken OCN Level 1 Classes in Japanese and Russian. You may not know this, but the two working languages required for any position within the United Nations are English and French.

Language acquisition is, in my eyes, a fundamental part of the global society in which we live. Non-Governmental Organisations such as Oxfam, Médécins Sans Frontières and the World Health Organisation are always in need of speakers of foreign languages. Translators, Interpreters and Relief Aid Workers with relevant skills are always required.

At present, I am volunteering with the United Nations Programme for Development in Colombia on a proofreading assignment which, had it been a paid project, would have paid for 1/11 of my Masters. In recognition of my efforts and dedication in being a Volunteer Translator for the UNPD, however, I will receive an accrediation for my project which will stand out on my curriculum vitae, as well as demonstrating my commitment to my chosen path. Pro-bono work is a way to gain invaluable experience and help people, however it doesn't pay.

Whilst studying for my MA in Translation Studies, I will work part-time as a language tutor, specialising in French and Italian. Furthermore, I aim to head into local schools to give talks and presentations as a motivational speaker about the importance of language acquisition at a young age, both to pupils and staff. This is not only to support myself financially, but equally to raise intercultural awareness.


Did you know? Although English is the most widely-spoken language in Europe (38% of people speak it), we remain, as a country, one of the most unlikely to speak a foreign language.



What do you get for helping me?

As I am unable to provide a physical reward for supporting me, all I can say is a truly great "thank you" from the bottom of my heart for not only believing in my passion for languages, learning and a bright future for all, but also for supporting me on a path that I intend to follow to make lives better for countless others. What I can provide, however, in return for backers pledging £50 or more is two hours of one-to-one language tuition in French, Italian or English (even Spanish, if you'd like) via Skype or in person. I am an established tutor, having taught English as a Foreign Language in Peru, France and Italy, and I would be more than happy to provide you with this service.


"We find Jonny to be a conscientious and diligent Assistant, always striving

to make his lessons both meaningful and interesting. His enthusiasm and

positivity was transmitted to both students and teachers in the classroom."

- Shadia Vargas Castañon, Volunteach Peru


Do I really need £2,000?

The sad reality with the education system in Britain is that yes, I really do need that much money. My tuition fee costs are actually £6,100 but that is an unrealistic goal to achieve. I am applying for a Personal Career Development loan which, at most, will support 80% of my tuition fees. For this reason, I have opted to avoid the 'all or nothing' funding system, not because I merely want your money but, whatever little you can spare, be that £100 or £10, will make the difference for me in being able to leave university and find a role helping people more quickly without having to repay an obscene level of debt. £6,100 is the full amount of my tuition fees, but it is a lot of money and I really do need all the help I can get.

I have the drive, passion and desire to succeed in my chosen path, I just need the financial support and backing from you kind people to get past the biggest hurdle I am yet to face. I am confident that, with your help, I can achieve my goals. You could mean the difference for me.



I thank you all, no matter who you are, for your support and backing.

For more information on who I am, what I do and who I work with, please visit my personal website by clicking on my name below.


Kind regards,


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