Help me get my life back by fixing my spine.

by Vicky Pearson in Bardney, England, United Kingdom

Help me get my life back by fixing my spine.


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To raise funds for non surgical treatment to correct my spine position in my neck, to give me mobility, arm/hands function and reduce pain.

by Vicky Pearson in Bardney, England, United Kingdom


I'm Vicky, a 35 year old mum to two boys. In my past life I've been an international level rollerskater, a county and university representing rugby player, a ranch director and horse trainer in both America and the UK and a national business marketing director. 

8 years ago I had a life changing car accident, which over the course of 6 to 8 years, has reduced me to being in an electric wheelchair, in constant pain, unable to use my hands properly and leaving the house once or twice a week. I can't take my son for walks or do activities in most places. My mobility is that of a disabled 80 year old woman. 

I have struggled to get the support I needed from the NHS, so I have had to go private for tests and treatment. 

The tests I have just paid for have highlighted a number of things missed by the NHS. 

My xrays show my neck is being pulled down to my chest and causing my spinal cord to be over stretched, it's caused swelling and restriction of nerves, blood flow and oxygen to my arms, shoulders, neck and brain. My body is also not taking in or processing enough oxygen to support my body. My heart rate is working overtime to just allow me to sit still and breath. 

They have consulted my test results with a number of specialists who have recommended a series of non surgical corrections to start to correct these problems. 

Unfortunately the initial treatments need to be intense and close together, so the first 5 months will cost £1650. After this treatment is done, I will need ongoing treatments but at a lower, more spaced out cost. 

I'm 35 and for the past 8 years I have been a prisoner in my own body. I lost my friends, my family, my career and my hobbies to this situation and I can't give up hoping, that one day I can go for a walk again or ride a horse again. That I can walk my son to the side side, to play in the waves or play with him on the park. 

I've created this campaign to help reverse the damage to my spine and recover some resemblance of a life again. My friends encouraged me to set up this page and I'm looking to set up some fundraising events to support my campaign. 

Thank you. 

Let's make 'Help me get my life back by fixing my spine.' happen

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