Fund The Book That Changes EVERYTHING

by K. F in London, England, United Kingdom

Fund The Book That Changes EVERYTHING


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I need enough money invested to take away financial pressures on me so that I can write the book the world desperately needs right now.

by K. F in London, England, United Kingdom

I have studied mental health nursing, I have worked a with a wide range of people in a healing capacity. I see the patterns which cause mental and physical illness, and I see the recipe for inspiring and empowering people to heal their minds and bodies. Western medicine is crippling us financially, with no end in sight until people are educated to understand that they have the power to change their physical condition.

I have studied yoga philosophy in the East. I see the immense need for marrying of eastern and western health systems. I see an immense need for education on both sides of the globe so that we can begin thriving as a race, together.
This separation we are all suffering is killing us.We do not need a miracle drug or cure to be invented for cancer. We need to EDUCATE the population as to the formula for health, for healing, for the deep effects unhealed trauma has on their mind and body.

The NHS is being crippled financially.

People are stuck believing illness is inevitable, or (worse still) a game of luck.
They give their power away to a medical system that is not holistic.
Their power is given over for a diagnosis (a label) that will then define them.
They have no idea that their belief in this label is more powerful than anything. The majority have no understanding of the causes of their ill health, and await a pill from the doctor to 'cure' them.

Medication can relieve symptoms, it does not heal.

There is a deep, deep misunderstanding of health and it must be addressed.

Too many people are suffering, are dying. And it is all reversible.
But people need to understand this first, they need to believe that what they do matters. They need tolerant how to forgive, how to truly love, if they are to heal.

I have answers. I know I can explain this in a way that will be impactful; this book has the potential to change the world as we know it.

I have the stories to inspire. I have the stories of warning. I have the factual medical evidence base for explaining how what we think has a profound impact on our bodies.

I am not presenting new information. I am presenting the current, up to date western medical studies with what the eastern world has been teaching for thousands of years.

Each side has what the other lacks. If we can come together, we can end illness and disease.

I will send out free copies of my book to anyone who pledges over £10, regardless of whether it is published or not. The information is too important for me to hold alone.
I cannot continue living in a world so full of suffering, and I must share what I have learned in my 33 years so far. It will be written regardless of funding - the big difference funding will make is to how long it takes to write. If financial pressure is alleviated then I believe I can do this in 3 months of hard work, otherwise it could be years in my current situation. I need this to be out in the world last year... not in another year. As I say, there is too much suffering as it is. Too many are needlessly dying. Did you know that even even dementia (a current epidemic upon our elderly) is completely preventable AND reversible?? This is what up to date scientific knowledge tells us - but current psychiatrists tell us that they do not know the cause, and there is no cure??? I have watched families devastated by such wrong information and lack of treatment and guidance from overworked, overburdened, misinformed (informed by the past - not the present) doctors.
I am not blaming. I see the problems and I see why things are the way they are. But they MUST change. And soon. For all of our sakes. 

I need help because my financial situation is keeping me from being able to focus the  hours needed to write and edit this book. Corona times have been hard for all of us - but what is so very frustrating is that if everyone had the knowledge I have, we would not be suffering as we are. There IS a way out and it takes us to be empowered with the right knowledge to start down the path that will reshape Everything.

This will be one of the most important gifts I will to give the world.

This book could also provide me the finances needed to open my own healing centre. Accessible to all - not only the rich (as is currently the case around the world, health is often considered a luxury of the privileged - I seek to change this). 

Let's make 'Fund The Book That Changes EVERYTHING' happen

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