Help me get an education!!

Help me get an education!!

Trying to pay the full balance on a college degree because i dont take benefits or earn too little 2b offered help! Being on the cusp sucks!

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I'm trying to afford a course at college but because I dont have benefits or a full time job and my wage is too low I cant be offered credit

About the project

I'm a mother of 2, I used to work with young children but when I started my own small family of my own I had to come out of work because we couldnt afford childcare. So now my partner is the sole income provider, we have a mortgage and two children and the college class I want to attend want me to pay the full £3,100 upfront. WHO HAS THAT KIND OF MONEY?

I want the ability to start my dreams from scratch, being over the age of 27 and going into my 30's with no ability to even consider a new start on the career ladder I'm on my knees asking you to donate anything as little as £1 to help me get back on track!I have two years of college education behind me, these were lower costing years but this is the big one. The degree. It's a little out my price range. OK A-LOT out of my price range so anything you can spare would be apprieciated!! If the full total is reached and I get onto the course I will start up my own blog with daily vlogs and document my journey with you to see where your hard earned money has helped me to get in life!


Thanks for reading and your support!

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