Help me get a computer for university!

Help me get a computer for university!

I'm going to university this September to study geography and geology, and a computer will be crucial for my studies!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Please help me get to university! I need £600 to buy a computer to do my work! Everyone knows a computer is an essential tool to complete a degree, for completing assignments, revision, research, Emails and reading. 

I am asking for £600 to cover the cost of a computer and if there is any money spare this will go towards a printer, another necessary item. 

I will have my student loan, however I have planned a budget and it's looking like money will be tight for me. I want to get a part time job while I do my degree, but I'll need a computer from the start of my course so I won't be able to wait while I save up - and anyway, my income will be used for transport, food etc!