Help me fund my website

Help me fund my website

Please help me make enough funds to kick start my business of reviews and articles based on media.

We did it!

On 20th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

My name is Daniel martin, I have been reviewing media on my blog for the last four years and it has been my dream to write my reviews for a living. 

The problem with this is that starting a business is expensive and in order for me to be able to meet my goals it is going to cost me around 10,000 pounds

The reason for this is because just getting an actual website created with videos, images, sound clips, reviews and an online shop for merchandise is going to cost between 4000-5000 pounds, on top of this I will need to pay the domain fee which allow the website to go live this is could cost anything from 100 pounds- 200 pounds per year.

Next I will need to pay my artist to create the imagery for the merchandise, I already have some designs and ideas for these but at the moment I cant afford to get these ideas made. 

I will also then have to pay for Tshirts, posters and other merchandise to be made which will cost between 1000-2000 pounds depending on the quanity and quality of the products. 

the rest of the money will be used to keep the business running by paying off the domain costs and helping to create and order more merchandise this will keep happening until my buisness makes enough of an independant income to pay for itself.

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Please help make me my dreams come true 

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