Help me finish my higher education

by Sameh Naseem Soltana in York, North Yorkshire, England

Help me finish my higher education

The Student Finance England suspended my funding for no reason and I am really in need for your help to continue my higher education.

by Sameh Naseem Soltana in York, North Yorkshire, England

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The student finance England suspended my funding. Because of a temporary break in residency.

"I have applied for student finance since May this year and I had a very long debate with them over my eligibility . They classified me as ineligible, then they advised me to make an appeal, which I did, and somehow both applications were going simultaneously,  the SFE asked for more evidences  and the appeal department were processing my application. 

Then SFE classified me as ineligible again, then at the beginning of October, 3 weeks after the start of my course, they made me eligible.  (Now they are considering that decision as a mistake that they made)

SFE agreed on paying me a maintenance loan and paying for my tution fee. However, they just gave me a basic maintenance loan, that does not cover my rent and my living expenses together. So, with the help of my university, we have managed to apply for independant loan, which they have accepted and paid me for. Unfortunatly, after nearly two weeks from when I have started my foundation year, I received the appeal decision, which classified me as ineligible again and they have decided to suspend my funding after I have started my education and before they paid for my tution fee (I made the appeal after the first decision, which ruined everything for me)"
PS: Only three weeks until my exams, HAPPY DAYS!

The Temporary Break in residency:
"I was born in the United Kingdom. But for some conflicts between my parents ,involving domistic abuse, my mother took me unlawfully to Tunisia when I was nearly two years old. I was raised and grew up there until I have finished my secondary education. Then, my mother saddly passed away and I nearly did not have anyone left for me there.  So, I have decided to come back to the United Kingdom, my country, in order to finish my higher education and make something of myself. The first time I came back, was on July 2014. Back then, I did not know about the three years residency law of the student finance. So, I started looking for a university straightaway and then after doing some researchs, I came across this residency law. Which, blocked me from stepping any further. The plan was to stay in my uncle's place until I start my  education as soon as possible, but because my uncle's financial stituation was not at its best and he have three children and a wife to look after, he could not support me to stay for any longer. So, we took  the decision, that I need to go back to Tunisia on the 4th of October 2014 and stay there for a period of time until his situation improves.
IN the meantime, I had some tasks to finish managing in Tunisia.
After just a year, my uncle's financial situation improved, which enable me to come back again to the UK on November 2015.  So I can stay the period of time left until I satisfy the three years residency law.
I had a lot of free time back then and I never wanted to drop my education, so I did a level 3 apprenticeship to make sure that I keep on learing no matter what and also to support myself, as my uncle could not support me fully. But here I am now, unable to carry on my studirs and seeking knowledge to build myself a peaceful future after the hard life that I have been through, because the student finance did not want to approve that the period of time between October 2014 and November 2015 was a temporary break in residency"

I have no other solutions but to come to you guys, seeking your kind help. I am not asking for much, I am only asking you to help me anyway possible. Even a £1 could make a difference.


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