Help me excavate an ancient Greek city!

Help me excavate an ancient Greek city!

Help Alice excavate at an ancient Greek city, and support the cost of flights, accommodation and food!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Ever since I wrote my Year Six project on 'Archaeology' at the age of 11, I have been consumed by a passion for all things history. From studying Classical Civilization at college, to Ancient History and Archaeology at Cardiff University, I developed a particular interest in the archaeology and history of Ancient Greece.

After applying on a wim, just to 'see what happens', I was offered a place to study a Masters in Classical Archaeology at Oxford. It has been the most incredible year, and something I am so grateul to have experienced, and it has only increased my love for the subject. However, affording the year has been difficult, as I received no funding from the university.  

I love the practical side of archaeology; the feeling of uncovering something which has not been held for over 2000 years, and which was once owned and treasured is one that can't be replicated. I have been given the opportunity to excavate for two weeks at an ancient Greek city in northern Greece, a site dating to to the Classical period. The university does offer research grants for this type of project, but unfortunately I am not eligable, as my student card expires two days before I would fly out. (A problem I also expereinced last summer as I was between universities). This excavation is entirely self-funded, and along with the flights (£200), I am required to pay for my own accommodation and food. 

The aim of the excavation is to contruct a clearer and more developed picture of the activities which went on within the Classical Greek house, where they took place, and how they shaped social interactions, with particular regards to gender segregation.

I have searched for other sources of funding from archaeological groups, but as you may know, there is generally little money is the archaeology and heritage sectors. Those which do exist, are predominantly for British archaeology, and I am therefore not eligable.

To excavate at this site is a dream come true - if I could tell 11 year old me that I would have the opportunity to excavate a Greek city, I would not believe it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this my story - any amount will help.