Help me complete my AS Level year at college

Help me complete my AS Level year at college

I am a hardworking female student who has left home to escape honour based violence. Please help me finish this term at college. Age19

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Project aim

I am a conscientious, hardworking student who has had to leave home to escape honour based violence. Please help me to finish this term at college.

My story so far

I am a 19 year old female student who has been forced to leave home because of honour based violence linked to forced marriage and I am currently homeless. My problems began in October 2014.

I am asking for help to cover living costs whilst I finish this year at college.  I am studying for Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths AS levels and until this situation arose was predicted to obtain very good grades.

I was kept at home against my will when my family discovered I had a boyfriend from a different cultural background. I managed to persuade my parents to let me return to college to continue my studies. I asked for help from the college at this stage and the police were involved to retrieve my passport from my parent’s home. Since then I have not been back.

Why I am asking for help

I cannot apply for job seekers allowance on the grounds that I am still a full time student. I have been told that I am eligible for and have applied for Income Support but have been refused on the grounds that I am not an active citizen in that I am not working and do not have the documentation to prove that my father is working.   I appealed against this decision but upon re-application was refused again unless I could prove my parents’ right to reside here and their employment history, though I myself have an EU Passport. As I cannot return home to ask for these documents I am restarting the appeal process.

I have sought advice from various charities but I have been told that without either job seekers allowance or income support they cannot help me. 

Please help

I am currently living in a homeless shelter. I share a room with up to 20 homeless men and have no place to study in the evenings. This shelter will be closing on 22nd May and I will have nowhere to go other than the street.

I would like to rent a room near my college so that I can study in the evenings to complete this year. I want some stability and the knowledge that I have a place to return to each day. When the academic year is over I have made arrangements to move to a different college, in a different part of the country,  where I will have a place to stay.  I will be able to complete the second year of my A Levels and hopefully one day go to university. 

I have always been an excellent student as the reference from one of my tutors below can confirm:

“Fatema is a very conscientious student who has every chance of achieving high grades in her AS levels if she is given the chance to study properly.  Before this situation arose she would have been predicted A grades and still has time to catch up providing she can find and fund a room of her own.”

If you can see your way to helping me I would be more than happy to  inform you of my results on completion of my A Levels and beyond. 

I cannot express how grateful I would be if you could help me complete this step in my life.

If I don't reach the target of £500 I will have to give all the money back. My stretch target will be £1000.


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