Help me celebrate my 30th in NYC!

Help me celebrate my 30th in NYC!

Hi all, I'm Amy.. A student in England, Help me achieve my dreams and celebrate my 30th with friends in style! Thanks.

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Hi all, I'm Amy.. A student in England

I turned 30 this year and due to my birthday being in the most depressing month of the year (January), I have held off my celebrations. This is due to wanting to take a trip to New York in mid August, I have always wanted to go its been a dream for many years to visit NYC. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances the money that I was saving for my flight had to be used on something else, which has left me struggling to find the cash to get me there. I am going with some friends so it would be great to be able to celebrate my birthday with them.

I do work while studying full time but as I'm a distance learner I do not qualify for bursaries/grants/scholarships etc so pretty much living off what I earn which really isn't all that much especially when trying to fund a huge trip, pay rent etc.

I'm obsessed with theme parks and I really wanted to go to Six flags great adventure and ride on the tallest coaster in the world Kingda Ka.

This isn't something I would normally do, ask for help but I don't wish to cancel it and I was looking forward to heading into my 30s with a bit of a bang :)

Thank you all!

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