Help me become a VR Developer!

Help me become a VR Developer!

I need a GearVR, and Galaxy S6 to start developing properly. I'm learning more C# and hope to make some amazing Virtual Reality Experiences.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi there, I am from St Albans and currently in a small job trying to survive. I've always been interested in new technology and have decided to make the move to get started in Virtual Reality Development. I have experience creating 3D environments and experiences for gaming and I am currently on a course I have saved up for a year to be on,  helping me to improve game making and coding skills.  However I need the technology to ensure these experiences work correctly and look amazing.

If you support me there are some bonuses such as your name in game credits and beta access to help with testing. 

Want to help but can't offer large amounts of  money? Perhaps you can work with me, I will need 3D artists and actors for example. Donate the minimum £1 and leave a message and I'll get in touch with you afterwards. 

Please help me achieve my goal buy supporting my Virtual Reality headset. 

Many thanks,