help me access equality schooling

help me access quality schooling

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

St.James is a small community school located in a remote village of Nakuru Township; the school is built on a small piece of land donated by the community. It has one unsafe shabby wooden structure that accomodates both teachers and pupils. We need a combined effort to secure funding to construct a new permanent classroom! the community has limited resources and rarely meets the basic needs and can hardly maintain children reguraly in school, let alone undertake the role of building and providing required school facilities.

lack of classrom,inadequate desks, stationery, exercise and text books, lack of or torn school uniform is a routine spectacle in this school. Children fainting due to hunger-majority eat once a day or no meal at all, survive by begging, scavenging if lucky on handouts or by sheer God's grace. some pupils walk long distances to get to schoolusing path and thickets which open young girls to theft, abduction and rape which has been on the rise lately, it is a sorry state to behold. with a new classroom they will be protected from the elements as they learn. Approximately 80 children will be able to benefit. Everyday these children strive for a better future with the little they have. We can help their effort by supporting them in their strive for education.

Peter kamau a local marathoner and a proud volunteer of Community Wellness International has assisted whenever he can do to donate books and pencils. Kamau has a passion children and have spent time working with them for a few months now, he is willing and ready to participate in charity run marathons anywhere if he gets a chance just to see these children go to school. The goal is to provide these kids an opportunity to learn in a safe environment attend school regularly provide them with necessary scholastic facilities and items so that they can purse education for a better future.

Any extra that is raised will go towards items e.g clothing especially school uniforms-beddings, food rations,(any kind especially maize grains, or flour, beens, sugar etc.) bathing and washing soap, exercise books/pencils/pens and school bags and a feeding programme.

Thank you so much for your interest in these children and all that we are trying to accomplish! Your donations will go a long way towards improving these kids livelihood 

Kindly Support Our Work With any Voluntary Donation, THANK YOU!