Help create a modern Bakehouse in Leyton

by Marmelo & Son in London, England, United Kingdom

Help create a modern Bakehouse in Leyton


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Our goal is to establish a Bakehouse in Leyton that offers exquisite Viennoiserie and baked goods to the community!

by Marmelo & Son in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If we are lucky enough to stretch our target funding, we would love to use this opportunity to buy ice-cream making equipment and start producing freshly made ice cream in Leyton. 

We would also use some of the funding to developing new job opportunities post-lockdown, for people who would like to learn a new trade.

The Marmelo Journey started 8 years ago from my small home kitchen, where I started experimenting with recipes and dreaming of creating a space for the local community to break bread together.

My idea soon evolved into establishing a restaurant on Francis Rd in Leyton, and Marmelo was born! It soon became a place where people could gather at communal tables and get to know their neighbours, whilst enjoying seasonal, delectable meals.


From the very start, Marmelo received amazing support in the community and became a place where locals came to have brunch with friends, Sunday roast with families and gratifying meals in the evenings.  Before long, Francis Rd began to blossom with amazing new businesses opening up on the street, the majority of which were female owned. This actually lead to Francis Rd having the largest concentration of Female owned business in the UK on one street!


A few years later, we were able to develop a catering space on Francis Rd, with an upstairs area for special dining events. "Marmelo & Son" catered daily to photo shoots and film sets, and many successful private gatherings were held in the event space. 

Marmelo soon became recognized as a reliable, family-friendly neighbourhood brand. 

The arrival of Covid forced us to make some quick decisions and pivot Marmelo into a new concept that could serve it's loyal customers in the most supportive way possible during the pandemic. We used the Marmelo and Son catering space to launch an online food box service and personally delivered organic goods to the door. We also converted Marmelo restaurant into a general store and deli, offering carefully selected groceries and alcohol.

It was at this stage that I met Sophie -  a passionate pastry chef with over 20 years of experience. She is creative, flavour focused and has a real drive and flare for her craft. We decided to start making remarkable baked goods at Marmelo & Son, and they were an instant hit!


Sophie and I decided it would be a spectacular idea to expand the baking into a full-time bakery and could think of no better place to do it.  The Marmelo & Son building used to be the local neighbourhood bakery and had been closed for many years before we took over the building. We would be coming full circle and reinstating a bakery into our lovely community.  

With your help we will be able to upgrade the machinery and the building and get it ready before the summer to serve you delicious baked goods.  By doing this conversion we would also help Marmelo secure its future in the community.


Donating any amount no matter how small will go a long way to secure the future of Marmelo and we will top it up an extra 20% for you to spend at the Marmelo Bakery.

We also have loads of special treats for you to buy, special occasion cakes, BBQ boxes for Father's Day, a special meal cooked for 2 by Natalie and Marmelo Totes to name a few.

By paying it forward, you'll be helping us turn the dream of a bakery into a reality, whilst treating yourself or friends to a some sumptuous baked goods. 

The future is looking more optimistic with better times just around the corner!

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