Help make London 'welcome' this Christmas

Help make London 'welcome' this Christmas

Help make London Welcome this Christmas - keep a safe and welcome space for refugees, asylum seekers and all migrants open!

We did it!

On 30th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £1,040 of £500 target with 32 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

We're completely overwhelmed by how generous you have been! We've reached our target in less than a week - a massive thank you to everyone who has given to the project so far.

We're going to keep pushing to make London welcome - please continue sharing and donating if you can.

The more we raise the more we can offer in this space for everyone!

“I love spending my Sundays at LWP, as it does not focus on our nationalities or situation, but our common humanity. LWP is an equalizer.”




London Welcome Project (LWP) is a member-led social centre for asylum seekers, refugees and all migrants, open every Sunday. We were established four years ago, and since then we have been working together to break the isolation that many asylum seekers, refugees and new arrivals to London experience. Standing against the injustice and discrimination that migrants are increasingly facing in the UK, we have created a common space, welcoming to everyone, where people can build mutual support and solidarity.

2016 has been a difficult year, with lots of hard news and uncertainty for many of us. LWP has continued opening its doors, providing a place for people to shelter from the increasing hostility and fear in the media, and come together in shared humanity.

It is a very good project. I have never missed a Sunday there and I am not going to miss one in the future. It is a good effort. I feel like being between friends and family. Volunteers give their time to socialize with us. It is just great.


All of LWP's activities are free and open to everyone. Every week we cook together, share our skills, and help each other out. We provide practical support: English conversation practice, computers with internet access, signposting, and bike fixing. We are there for each other: indoor and outdoor activities bring people of all ages together to listen and socialise. We also run ad hoc workshops and skill shares, drawing on the skills, knowledge and passions present among our members.

In order to provide this space, we rely on donations - of food, time, resources, and money. Everyone who gives to the project gets something back in return.

I have been coming to the centre since the beginning. I really enjoy spending time with the volunteers; I take something different from each one. Coming here helped me a lot to improve my English. I also made friends here who always can suggest a good book to read. I learned how to repair my bike, which was useful! It is fun coming here!”


So, as the year draws to a close, and thoughts of Christmas festivities and gifts fill our thoughts, consider giving a Welcome gift to London by donating to LWP!

We will send a card, hand-printed by LWP members to everyone who donates, to say thank you and send a message of hope for the new year.

  • With only £5 you can buy us a puncture repair kit

  • A gift of £8 will get us some books for our library

  • For just £12.50 you can give an hour of English conversation classes or fun activities for children

  • With £20, you can provide a meal for 30 people

  • A generous donation of £35 will keep our bike workshop up and running for a whole Sunday, for anyone who needs a tyre change or new parts

  • A very generous donation of £65 would cover a whole session, for up to 40 visitors

I come to the centre because I can meet people and it is a nice way to spend Sunday! We do a lot of creative stuff, making stuff with clay. In addition, I have been cooking as well; it is nice to share my culture with other people. I love it!


Your donations will allow us to make it through this challenging period and continue the work of building a safe and welcoming community space together. 

Thank you!

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