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On 13th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £2,574 with 28 supporters in 28 days

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DONATE TODAY and help secure London's first Green voice in Parliament.

Sian Berry, local Green councillor and London Assembly Member, is standing to make history by running for MP of Holborn and St Pancras. Greens have a strong vote here, as candidate for Mayor of London last year, Sian secured 41% of people's first or second choice vote.

Sian has a real chance to shake things up with her campaign but, as a grassroots party, she can't rely on big business donations to clear the path to democracy.

We are looking to raise £3,500 to support Sian's campaign. This vital money will go towards spreading the word about the Green message through leafletting, canvassing and events.

We can change politics and work for the common good in Holborn and St Pancras. All it takes is to vote for what you believe in.

Let’s join together and stand up for a just, tolerant society that demands we lead with hope, courage and conviction. Please help us make history and deliver London's first Green MP to parliament.

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