Help MagnaRep Save animals Lives!

Help MagnaRep Save animals Lives!

MagnaRep needs your help to raise funds for some very vital equipment to help save more animals

We did it!

On 29th Oct 2015 we successfully raised £20 with 3 supporters in 56 days

MagnaRep: Reptile & Exotics, Rescue & Support is a completely self funded animal rescue center. We work 24/7 to ensure the health & safety of every animal we come in contact with. We are a voluntary organization so we rely heavily on public donations to allow us to continue operating. We operate a 24/7 phone line for animal advice and support so our work is endless. We are only a small facility and with the ever increasing tide of animal cruelty we face, we need you're help. Please visit our website to see example of animals we have saved, the link is below.We are trying to raise money to pay towards the Running, feeding and veterinary costs of the rescue animals. We have moveed into a very large premises but we have no way of filling it with all of the equipment and housing we need to operate the rescue center. Anything that you can donate to us is greatly appreciated, money is one way but we also are more than happy to take donations of equipment such as vivariums, lighting, thermostats, Foods ect.UPDATE:With the ever increasing need for our help we now need to raise more money for some new equipment to help us in our goals. We need to raise nearly £2,000 for a haematology lab, £715 for a portable Ultrasound for our Emergency rescue agents and nearly £760 for a Veterinary Ultrasound scanner so that we can analyse blood samples and perform internal inspections on site. With these precious instruments we will be able to reduce running costs and this will allow us to save more animalsHaematology Blood Analyzer  WristScan Ultrasound Scanner Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner We do our very best for the animals and as such we have some very happy clients who will happily talk to you via our Facebook page if you would like to know more about the work we do, we also work closely with other organizations and help out where possible. We are taking part in many events to help raise funds, not only for us, but for other causes aswell. We know Times are tough for everyone, but please donate even just a little will help and we appreciate every bit of help we can get. We help these animals because they cannot help themselves!Tel: 01254393337Tel: 0844 330 3668Email:

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