Help Magid be our first Green MEP

by Andrew Cooper in Brockholes, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 21st May 2019 we successfully raised £8,094 with 289 supporters in 28 days

Magid is running to be Yorkshire and Humber’s first ever Green MEP. Your help can spread his magic into Europe.

by Andrew Cooper in Brockholes, England, United Kingdom

It’s time for a new kind of politics.

Politics needs to change. We’ve just seen three years of turmoil, with petty arguments and immature bickering making us a global laughing stock.

Things need to be different. That difference is the Green Party.

We act on the issues that matter, issues that can’t be ignored such as the climate emergency, ever-growing poverty, the rising threat of the far right and worrying levels of discrimination.

The current state of politics has got us into this position. You can help get us out of it.

Meet our candidates

Magid Magid 

If you’ve been to Sheffield recently, you won’t have been able to miss Magid. The inspirational Lord Mayor has got a whole new generation talking about politics, with his charisma, passion and personality putting the Yorkshire city on the global map.

Alison Teal

Alison Teal has been a strong voice for Nether Edge and Sharrow Ward since she was first elected in May 2016 by 8 votes. In 2018 she was re-elected with a 1,393 majority. Voters know Alison has been effective in representing and supporting them. 

As a lone councillor she has shown particular strengths in building bridges with local activists, including those from other parties, working together for the good of the community.

Our two lead candidates are a force for positive change. The EU needs them now more than ever.

How you can help

The European Parliament election on the 23rd of May is the most important ever. We’re on the brink of a catastrophic Brexit, and we need to show that the will of the people has changed.

You can help us do that.

Unlike the main parties, we don’t have a network of the wealthiest elite to rely on. We rely on you.

By donating just a small amount, you can fund our campaigns, our travel and our message – that climate change needs action, that racism and inequality have no place in our country, and that immigration most definitely does. 

Donate today to help turn the European elections green.

Because we're a political party: We're required to run permissibility checks on donations over £500. These will be completed as pledges are made. For the same reason, we cannot accept anonymous donations over £500. If you make multiple donations to us, they may be aggregated for our reporting purposes. Your details will appear in our election returns if valued over £500, and if you donate over £7500 your identity will appear on the Electoral Commission website.

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