Luiz needs help

by Help Luiz in London, Greater London, England

Luiz needs help
We did it
On 20th March 2018 we successfully raised £5,225 with 230 supporters in 16 days

Help Luiz Fernando get home for his health treatment by Air ICU. Thanks for your support!

by Help Luiz in London, Greater London, England

Luiz Fernando was diagnosed with a rare congenital disease called nemalinic myopathy, which basically is a muscle weakness throughout the body, causing even swallowing and breathing difficulties. He needs to be taken to Brazil for treatment. The money raised will cover the transfer of air ICU from London to Brazil. Thanks for the support!

Shemenny and her partner moved to London in search of a better life. Her dream was to be a mother, but due to some problems, that possibility was almost remote. By a god's miracle, she discovered that she was pregnant. However the baby was not developing well and was born prematurely. He was born on 12/12/2017, and due to respiratory complications and not being able to swallow, he went to the ICU and remains so far. Hard days and a lot of anguish, for not being able to find out what he had. Many tests were done without a definitive diagnosis. A genetic test was performed, and the result came out recently. He has been diagnosed with a rare congenital disease called Nemaline Myopathy, in synthesis this disease is a muscle weakness throughout the body causing beyond other problems, difficulty breathing and swallowing. This disease has no cure but has treatment so that it is greatly stimulated with the help of professionals such as physiotherapist, speech therapists, neuro. And so, he can strengthen his muscles and be able to breathe on his own, swallow, walk and have an active life. However, he needs to be taken to Brazil, so that he will have the support of the whole family and the ideal treatment with support for this disease in CRER Units and Hospital Sara in Brasilia. In order to transfer him to Brazil, it is necessary an estimated ICU in the amount of R$ 350,000.00. Very high value for the current financial conditions of our family. Therefore the initiative of this campaign, to collect the necessary resources so that our angel Luiz Fernando is taken to treatment in Brazil. We count on the help and collaboration of all!

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