Help Luci dance again

Help Luci dance again

My daughters name is Luci and she is nearly 17 years old.  Most babies seem to crawl and then walk but I can not remember Luci doing...

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My daughters name is Luci and she is nearly 17 years old.  Most babies seem to crawl and then walk but I can not remember Luci doing anything other than dance.  Dancing was her life, modern, tap, ballet, she loved them all.  I always admired  that she knew with such certainty what she wanted to do in life, to have a career in dance and then later to teach others.  

About two years ago, Luci's dance teacher started to notice a difference in her posture and as a result of this she was diagnosed with scoliosis (curvature of the spine). We took her to see two specialists who's approach was to watch and wait to see how her condition progressed.  Over the space of just two years her back went from having a mild barely noticeable curve to a serve curvature which has now left her in pain and physically deformed.  With each six month check up we were left horrified at the progression of the curve.  This year Luci should be applying for dance colleges but she can no longer hide her physical deformity (rib hump due to twisted ribs and uneven pelvis) and even with letters from her dance school telling them she is their top pupil she can not get further than the physical examination.  

I am pleading for funding to send Luci to the Scoliosis SOS clinic in London, this is the UK's only non surgical treatment clinic for scoliosis.  This is a four week residential course in London.  They provide intensive therapies every day to see if they can halt and possibly improve the progression of the curves. Treatment and Accomodation for this would be approximately £5500  (£75 consultation, £3450 treatment and £1995 on site Accomodation).

The only other option open to us at the moment is for her to have surgery as her spine will start to affect her heart and lungs. As her spine now curves in two places she will need metal rods to straighten out the whole of her spine.  This is not only a risky operation but will leave her with very limited movement afterwards.  I would ideally like take her to America to see if she is suitable for a different type of spinal surgery which will giver her more flexibility and movement post surgery.  They have operated on other dancers and athletes with very good results.  This however will cost a further £20000 for consultations, X Ray's, MRI and associated medical costs plus flights and basic accomodation.  I plan to take out loans myself to help fund this if need be but I can only raise half the capital myself. 

I am therefore appealing to anyone who can help me raise the funds to help Luci.  I need to somehow raise the £5500 in the next month to ensure I can get her booked into the Scoliosis SOS centre as places are very limited and Luci needs to start this treatment  as soon as possible.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you are unable to pledge please could you forward this story on any social media sites you may have as i have very limited access.

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