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Every third bite of our foods is thanks to the bees and their hard work. The bees are dying and needs our help TODAY. London needs bees.

by Help Harrow Bees in Harrow, England, United Kingdom

Helping bees in London

The achievement I'm most proud of didn’t start with a business plan. It started in a village. Twenty years ago, I adopted an abandoned beehive with my brothers in Transylvania. It was a blighted hive, seemingly beyond hope. A beehive that will lead me 20 years later to stand where I am today and will bring hope to the world by relieving poverty through beekeeping. You know I've realized that a lot of times, I felt to see the beauty that is in the moments, in the people around me every single day and this moment my project is actually a really humbling experience and when I think of  this it reminded me of the time when I honestly felt that no one can see the beauty in me and maybe that's something that you were relate too, because you think that no one see the beauty in you, but there is one passion and hobby from which I have learnt....and this is the time that we have the opportunity to be thankful for all that we have and support the bees. 

If you want to learn and support please continue to read this message.

Please share it, note that there is a gift inside you. The bees sees it, I see it. 

I really hope that you can see the gift is within you. 

By supporting this project you are going to contribute towards London bees and our community. 

Offering your support through a small donation will help to place more hives across London.  Be part of this project too.

You can get involved by offering a few dollars, pounds, euros. 

Your help can save the bees and support the environment.

Let us be with those who work hard for us to keep the environment and our foods on tables. ???????????? 

''...Our mission is much greater than honey. It’s about protecting those who share the honey with us – TMB

By partnering with the best experts in honey health, pollination and backyard beekeeping, we’re able to give back to those who give us nature’s greatest gift...''

Let's make 'Help London Bees' happen

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