Help Levi to get the help he needs

by kas28 in Hertford, England, United Kingdom

Help Levi to get the help he needs
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Hi everyone, I'd like to share our story with you.

by kas28 in Hertford, England, United Kingdom

Hi everyone, I'd like to share our story with you.

We've adopted our gorgeous Bengal when he was 10 months old. Previous owner didn't know how to care for him, hence he was neglected, poor thing. He was very skinny and had blood spotting when he was going to the toilet. Once he was under our roof, he started being lively, put some weight on and we love him very much, he's such an unique kitty.  We've decided to neuter him as soon as we got him, but after the procedure he had a little difficulties breathing, we thought it was due to stress ( he hates the vets) but the vet said that Levi has got some heart problems, and as long as there's no symptoms he'll live hapily and long.  After that visit we took him for his vaccinations, and the stress level raised up again but as soon as he was home he was back to normal. Last thing for me to do was to get him insured. Finally I've found a perfect insurer for a lifetime benefits , better safe than sorry right? so I thought. Another 2 years passed with no complications or anything, Levi was always happy, very lively, he was fussy with his food mind, but apart from that he was the perfect cat you could imagine. My two small children love him, and he loves them. 

My friend has asked me to look after their kitten for a couple of weeks and we agreed,  the meeting was not great at first but they tolerate one another quite quick. Levi loved stealing kittens food when noone was looking, but I didn't let him to eat it, too much protein and didn't want him to get an upset stomach.

the time has come for the kitten to go back to his owners, and Levi's belly started to swell up, at first i thought he just put some weight on because of the kitten food. but the kitten has gone about a month ago and im sure his tummy got little bit bigger, so I've decided to take him to the vets. The vet checked his belly and said, that they that the only way to get his diagnosis they need to get the blood test done, x-ray , ultrasound done, the works and if they are able to do this today there's no overnight stay and thats £782 just to find out where this fluid build up coming from, and then more for the right treatment, so they rang my insurer and they said that my policy started after they told us about the heart condition so they won't pay for this because it's a very high possibilty that this is caused by his heart, and now I'm heart broken.

The vet said, if thats caused by his heart and if we keep him home, soon every organ will start to fail:(

Levi needs our help and I can't help him financially :( I've looked everywhere, I can't raise this sort of money, that may not be much for someone but it is for me, so whoevers out there reading this, please help my Levi, help me to save his life ...... ..

Thank you


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