Help launch a Kombucha Brewery in the Highlands

by Goodie Guts Ltd in Inverness, Scotland, United Kingdom

We did it
On 5th February 2021 we successfully raised £20,033 with 63 supporters in 28 days

All-or-Nothing; help us get our Kombucha brewing in the Scottish Highlands so you can look forward to treating your immune system!

by Goodie Guts Ltd in Inverness, Scotland, United Kingdom

All of you supporters and pledgers are LEGENDS! 
We would be nowhere without your help so please accept, for the bottom of our hearts, our biggest thank yous. 
Thank you so much for believing in us, pledging your money towards our cause and getting us one step closer to…

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£30 or more

5 of 24 claimed

A holistic journey

Featuring 2 hours in our brewery (Bunchrew, Inverness) where you will embark on a wellness journey! We will talk more about gut-health, show you around the brewery and get you to try our products. But the best part of it, is that you will also get a one-hour yoga session with my friend and teacher Kirsty McNamara, focused on relaxation and digestion. Come meet us and learn how to trust your guts. As soon as safe to do so...

£2 or more

Every Quid counts!

Get our eternal gratitude and be a branch of our Tree of Honour, on our Wall of Honour, hand-painted in our brewery!

£5 or more

Free Highland shipping

You get our eternal gratitude, a dedicated branch of our Tree of Honour and FREE Highland shipping on your first order with us!

£10 or more

Every Quid counts!

Give anything from £10! We'll hand-paint you name on the Wall of Honour of our Brewery! You will also have a vote counts double; everytime we are thinking of launching a new flavour or product. Your voice will be the first heard and be of double value compared to the rest of the folk voting on social media. And a code for free UK shipping on your first order! More than £10? Contact me!

£10 or more

Try our Kombucha

Eternal gratitude, a branch of our special Tree AND 2 bottles of our Kombucha, sent to your door, wrapped in our awesome totebag!

£20 or more

I want to learn more about gut-health

Good choice! You get all that is in the £10 reward + the bestseller book "Gut" by Giulia Enders! The book that got me started on fermentation in the first place. If you already own it, I will get you another book about the beauty of fermentation! I have so many recommendations...

£50 or more


This features a Goodie Guts' tote Bag and Stainles Steel Thermos (500ml ) that will be filled with our finest booch! These bottles are awesomely insulated to maintain the temperature of any type of liquid whatever the weather! Try our oak-barrel booch and help save the planet! Of course, you'll also be on our Wall of Honour :)

£50 or more

The GOODIES Guts...Get it?

Featuring the bestseller "Gut" by Giulia Enders (or another book about fermentation), a Chilly's Stainless Steel vacuum insulated bottle worth £30 (you will take it everywhere with you, trust me), and FREE UK shipping on your first order from our website! We'll even throw a nice totebag for you in that box...YAS!

£100 or more

The Featured

You'll be on the Wall of Honour, get all the eco-friendly goodies and...14 bottles of Kombucha! You'll be able to mix and match once we officially announce the lovely flavours of our brews :)

£100 or more

I'm a Kombucha fan, give me the works!

You get everything included in the £50 pledge + 14 bottles of Kombucha delivered to your door AND a £10 voucher to use on our website. YAS YAS YAS! (Just so you know what your money is going towards, the bottles of Kombucha are 300ml and cost £2.95 each)

£250 or more

Yummy 2-month-subscription

Above all, you will get a 2 month subscription to our Kombucha! I personally have a bit less than 300ml every morning, which means that I am planning to send to you the equivalent of 24 bottles a month :) You'll be able to get the subscription whenever suits when it becomes available, and pick the flavour you want!

£500 or more

1 of 40 claimed

Let's party

Above all, we would also like to personally invite you for a tour of the brewery, followed by a cocktail party (just outside Inverness). You'll be able to taste the booches, give your opinion, make pre-orders and learn how to brew at home if wanted. We are two French women so we can guarantee excellent cheeses at the cocktail! Come meet us as soon as safe to do so.

£1,000 or more

2 of 40 claimed

Invest in Goodie Guts

Be a lender! We will pay you back monthly with 5% interest. Please contact me through this page so we can plan your repayments together. We will be able to start repaying you after 1 year of trading (maybe even before) and the repayment terms will be set according to the amount of your loan :)

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