Help Laughing Mirror reach the Fringes!

by Chad Porter in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

Help Laughing Mirror reach the Fringes!
We did it
On 29th March 2018 we successfully raised £1,720 with 36 supporters in 28 days

Please help us to take our set of three brand new plays to the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals this Summer!

by Chad Porter in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped fund our venture so far! We are so grateful! 

The more money we can raise the better - every penny helps us to make these shows as good as possible, so please if you can spare just £1 we would be so grateful!

Many thanks,

LM Team x

We are Laughing Mirror, a  theatre company based in Norwich. We specialise in comedic theatre that challenges audiences to reflect on, and ultimately laugh at, the more ridiculous aspects of humanity and society.

Our debut production, 'Guy Fawkes It Up' (a farce about the gunpowder plot)sold out half of its two-week run at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival; with our second production, 'WINGMAN' (a comedy about Cupid trying to find love) also selling out 4 of its 5 night run at the Emmerson Studio, Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich. As I hope you can see, there is a market for the kind of work we produce!

However we need your HELP to launch our biggest project yet - a first trip to Brighton Fringe Festival and a return to the Edinburgh Fringe with a double-bill of comedies at the Space on North Bridge!

The Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe Festivals are two of the biggest in the world, so of course we want to be a part of them both, and have three very exciting plays to share

The first (Brighton Fringe) is 'White Girls' by Madeleine Accalia, which tells the story of Leah and Eve, two recent Drama grads, who go to Calais to volunteer in 'the Jungle' refugee camp.  But two days turn into ten months, Topshop jeans turn into orange hi-vis, and eventually Leah and Eve return home to tell their story. ‘White Girls’ is a political comedy depicting the complexities of White volunTourism and the refugee crisis. 

The second (Edinburgh Fringe) is 'Good Vibes Only' by Charlotte McEvoy. In which we invite you to join Doris, Amber, Joseph (sans dreamcoat) and Work Experience Gareth, as they take you through a day in the life of 'Good Vibes Only', Gloucestershire's leading sex toy superstore. Kind of. Meet the toy shop virgins, the regulars and the slightly irregulars who thrust, or timidly push, open the shop doors on a daily basis. You may laugh. You may cry. You may do an awkward prudish British chuckle. Either way, it's so good you'll want to come twice...

The third (Edinburgh Fringe) and final new play we are creating is 'Framed!' by Chad Porter and James Darby, co-writers of last year's play, 'Guy Fawkes it Up'.  In this new comedy, we join Ashley Lancaster, 303rd on the list of London’s ‘Most Wanted Criminals’, who has recently brought himself to police attention trying to steal the column from underneath Nelson and shortly after, a pod from the London Eye with nothing but a hammer and chisel. Desperate to reach number one, Ashley plans to follow in the footsteps of his great grandfather and pull off the most daring heist of the 21st century - stealing the most famous painting in the world, the Mona Lisa, straight from its Parisian Prison. What could possibly go wrong?

So that's the plays we intend to bring to the Fringes! But, why do we need your help?

Getting to the Brighton/Edinburgh Fringe can be a costly experience, with just one show! Things such as venue hire and Fringe registration soon add up for each play, and we are taking three... 

If we raise an initial £1500 on CrowdFunder, it would contribute significantly to our venue hire and help us expand our marketing budgets massively! We will be exceptionally grateful to every person who supports our project! Ultimately through giving on here, you are supporting the future careers of all 20 people involved in the projects, and helping to raise the profiles of a bunch of exciting young actors, directors, producers and writers. Please support us if you can - we would really appreciate it!

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