Help Save Kingsbury Aquarius Swimming Club

by Kingsbury Aquarius Swimming Club in Kingsbury, England, United Kingdom


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Flexible funding – this project will receive all pledges made by 24th January 2021 at 8:14am

To raise money to save our club, keep our swimmers swimming, and allow them to keep their focus and work towards their goals.

by Kingsbury Aquarius Swimming Club in Kingsbury, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If we are fortunate to go above and beyond our target, we can look at waiving our annual membership fees and holding our fee levels for the next 12 months at a time when there is much financial strain due to Covid 19.

About us

We inspire and support people of all ages and abilities to learn how to swim, keep fit and in some cases live their dreams.

Kingsbury Aquarius swimming club was started in 1974 and are a not-for-profit organisation run by coaches and volunteers. We bring individuals and families together to coach, support and motivate each other to improve swimming skills and share social skills. We provide a programme and a platform that allows our members to progress from beginners to national champions and coaches should they wish to.  

“My son started as a scared, nervous and anxious 9-year-old who stuttered so much to even get a sentence out. Swimming has given him confidence and being part of a team helped him to overcome his fears. He’s now a junior coach at 17”


The Problem

Our club is financed through membership fees, grants and fund-raising events. With our pool closed for several months due to COVID and a limit to the number of swimmers we can have at any one time since our pool re-opened in August, our income has been minimal and many of our costs have continued. Our small pot of reserves is diminishing and we are at risk of having to close our club full time.


The Solution

Additional short-term funding is needed to help pay for the costs that we have incurred during COVID with our significantly reduced income. We have been unable to raise any additional funding as a club in the usual way due to COVID restrictions.

The Costs 

The ambition is to keep our swimming club open, for the short term whilst numbers are reduced and open for the future. To be able to do this we require your help. £5,000 would:

- Allow us to keep our club open full time at reduced levels

- Allow us to pay for increased costs that we are incurring during COVID whilst we have additional restrictions and responsibilities 


The Results

By helping our swimming club, we can continue achieving our goals and dreams which in turn benefits the lives of our members and their families who join us. Our club allows members to improve their lifestyle, competition dreams and communication, social and swimming skills, giving them motivation, improved mental health, self-esteem and overall better lives.

Please help us raise some valuable funds to allow us to continue to support our club members and the community

Through Crowd Funding we hope to gain the further support from Sport England who pledge to match up to 50% of our crowdfunding target, meaning every contribution will make a huge difference to our swimmers.



 We have some fantastic rewards on offer!


Testimonials from some of our members:

“It’s an all-round amazing club to be part of, it is great exercise for my children and they absolutely love going.  The coaches make it fun for them and help with their technique, stamina and confidence”

 “As well as the obvious health benefits from training there is mental health positives too as my daughter is much happier when she’s swimming”

“My dad took me along at the age of 10, I'm now 40+ and love this club with all my heart”

Thank you for your support


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£2 or more

Raffle entry to win £20 Morrisons gift card

Raffle entry, will be drawn as the Crowdfunder closes.

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KA drink bottle

Pledge £10 and we will give you a KA drink bottle with club logo

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KA Beanie hat

For a £15 pledge we will reward you with a beanie hat with club logo to keep you warm in the winter.

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Annual Membership fees

Annual SE fees for 1x category 1 swimmer

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1:1 PT session with John Jenkins

Session with John Jenkins, qualified athletics coach, yoga teacher and personal trainer. Specialising in endurance running with 18 years experience competing on track. Individual training plans and advice available regardless of fitness goals.

£37 or more

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Membership fee

Annual SE fees Cat 2 for 1 member

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Speedo Fastskin Elite Goggle reward

Pledge £50 and we will reward you with a pair of Speedo Fastskin elite goggles

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Month free swimming

For a £60 donation we will give you a month with no session fees

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Annual membership

Annual membership for 1x category 2 swimmer & 1 volunteer fee

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Annual membership fees

Annual SE Fees for 2x Category 2 swimmers

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Annual Membership fees

Annual SE fees for 2 x category 2 swimmers and 1x category 1 swimmer ( 3 swimmers in total)

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Chocoholic hamper raffle

Pledge £2 to be entered into a raffle to win a chocolate hamper. Raffle will be drawn before Christmas.

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Membership fee

Annual membership fee for 2x category 2 swimmers

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