Help kickstart our Period Poverty Pad Champions!

by TCS-eco Ltd in Irvine, Scotland, United Kingdom


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This project will only be funded if at least £10,000 is pledged by 1st March 2021 at 12:00pm

Reusable Pad Donations! Fund raw materials/UK living wage employee manufacturing. Help us end a person’s period poverty for up to 10 years!

by TCS-eco Ltd in Irvine, Scotland, United Kingdom

We are an urban based manufacturer of Cloth Sanitary Protection (CSP) and we would love to be able to offer a UK made Period Poverty Pad for anyone that is willing to try a reusable. We make these pads in the same way as our retail bespoke range, the only difference is that we use a standard fleece backing instead of the usual premium Windpro and our stitching is white.    

1607711088_tcs-eco_pppc_full_stash_and_day_tester_pack-2.jpgWe firmly believe that if you choose to reuse we can end a person’s period poverty for up to 10 years (the same can't be said about disposables). Currently the options available are imported and although they are great they are not amazing for the carbon footprint. We want to tackle this as well as pay a UK living wage to our hard working manufacturing team. 

1607710940_tcs-eco_pppc_full_stash_and_day_tester_pack.jpgWe plan to kickstart this project through Crowdfunder, allowing us to supply a network of organisations that are as passionate about ending period poverty as we are. This money will help to launch our Period Poverty Pad Champions supporting us with funding for raw materials, going towards reducing carbon footprint and paying for our staff to train in a real manufacturing environment whilst earning a living wage.

We understand that not everyone can afford projects like 'buy one give one' so this Crowdfunder means you can donate whatever you are able to. We are very grateful for any help you can give us to drive this project!1607711254_the_pppc_project.jpg


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

£25 Donation to the period poverty project

£25 Donation to the period poverty project You get the warm and fuzzy feeling from donating to the project directly. This donation will allow a person 1 days cloth pads and a pad pod.

£15 or more

1 of 100 claimed

12" x 9" Double Pocket Wet Bag

12" x 9" Double Pocket Wet Bag Get an amazing wet bag hand made in Scotland, suitable for a number of reusable products. These wet bags are made in Kilmarnock prison, The inmates learn a skill which hopefully helps with their rehabilitation and hopefully they're future job prospects. Postage included

£30 or more

3 x 9" Reusable Cloth Pads

Pledge £30 and get a day in cloth (3 x 9" reusables) Pledge £30 today and we'll reward you with a reusable tester set in 9" Regular. (same length and absorbency as a disposable day pad) And a wee pad pod for free.

£50 or more

£50 Reward Direct to the Project

£50 Donation to the Period Poverty Pad Champions You get the warm and fuzzy feeling from donating to the project directly. Will provide pads for people to test out cloth for a day and see if they want to choose to reuse. 2 packs for your chosen charity

£50 or more

3x10" Cloth Pad Stash and a 9 x12" wet bag

Get 3x10" regular/heavy cloth sanitary pads and a 9"x12" double pocket wet bag. A 10" pad is the same length and a standard night disposable. (free postage!)

£95 or more

End a Persons Period Poverty for 10 years!

£95 Period Poverty Pad Champions Complete Stash! Pledge £95 today and we will supply 1 person in period poverty enough pads, a wet bag and a storage bag to end there period poverty for 10 years! If they choose to reuse.

Let's make 'Help kickstart our Period Poverty Pad Champions!' happen

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